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Sunday, October 02, 2011

How and where do people come up with such unique ideas?!  I was recently googling ideas for a fall bulletin board for Nick, and couldn't help but acknowledge how clever so many people are in the world!  I love him, but I must have gotten my dad's genes when it comes to creativity, because coming from a mother who hand-made Halloween costumes & Easter dresses, scrap-books, knits, crochets, and came up with the idea to food-color shaving cream to give us more fun things to do in the bathtub, you'd assume I'd have a few ideas of my own.  However, my idea of creativity is learning through other people, and filling what I see and learn for later use.

Anyhow, with the leaves beginning to turn, and with October upon us, the time has come to change Nick's bulletin board.  I live vicariously through him; I do not have the same patience as he and admire his ability to take each day in strides and not let the little things get to him.  I also live vicariously through him when it comes to bulletin-boarding as I do not currently have a "room" of my own.  So on this Sunday funday in the midst of watching a penalty-crazed Steelers/Texans game, I helped Nick create some pieces for his "dead words" wall.  Some 5th grade teacher somewhere in the world came up with the idea to show overused words as "resting in peace" with better alternatives for the students to add to their vocabulary.  I'd say they turned out pretty cute so far.  I'm eager to see the final product, and am already looking for the next cute/clever idea for November & December :)  I guess my strong suit may not be creativity, but I certainly know where to look & who to go to when I'm in need.  Happy Sunday & Happy October!

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Laura Britton said...

Girl, I totally thought I was following your blog but I realized it's not coming up on my feed... I have missed a few posts!! I have added you on it so now I'll see when you post :) hope you're doing well!

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