Another Obnoxious Wedding Post :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get used to these, blogosphere, because I am one excited bride-to-be!  Everyone has their own wants, needs, expectations, and anxieties about their big day, and I have been lucky enough to have the little details working out slowly & steadily.  We aren't rushing much (since we have over a year to plan), and I truly have been enjoying the "perks" that come along the way...

With that said, my Pinterest Wedding Board is quickly filling up, and with the help of family and good girlfriends, the ideas keep pouring in!  Although we have time to take engagement pictures and send out official save-the-dates, I'm 99.9% sure we have our date, church, and venue all picked out and reserved!  Being that we would like a Catholic wedding, there are little orders of business that are being attended to (i.e., I've had to write a special letter to the Priest in the Church we'd like to be married in requesting his permission and blessing) and I have my fingers crossed that this will be our place!  Although it's traditionally frowned upon to live with a significant other prior to a marriage, I hope that he can see past that and understand that we are truly one another's counterparts.  Only time will tell!!  Eek - gets me nervous thinking about it ~

Aside from that (major) detail, all is good.  I also love that even if Nick isn't around, I have not put my life on hold (nor he his), and we can "be" without one another as well.  It is far too often that one person loses their identity in a relationship and too heavily relies on the other person for everything.  I think it's truly special and rare when you have something in which you never want to be apart, but can manage if need be.  I'm happy I'm able to go off and do the things I enjoy (with our without him), and he feels comfortable doing the same...  It's really wonderful and at the end of the day allows me to appreciate him that much more when I do get to enjoy time with him.

With that said, I'll be going for now... I think it's high time I write another love letter, but have decided to limit them to once a month (unless a special occasion occurs) as to not defer you from my page - I'd hate to be so obnoxious that I turn people away!  Thanks for listening, and thanks for sharing this special time with us :)  Happy Sunday!

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