Lifestyle Makeover: What am I doing?!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This 20-something gal has looked at herself in the mirror and thought "ew, ick" for the last and final time. That's right, I've started a [sometimes painful] diet, that has already shown me some awesome results!  During my journey, I've decided to chronicle some of the ups and downs that come along with making a drastic lifestyle change, and will be open and honest with myself along the way.  I've been inspired to do this for a multitude of reasons [avoid heart disease, avoid diabetes, my fiance, my family, my upcoming wedding, my future, my past, myself to name a few], and really think this could be the real deal.  To give some updates:

-I began my diet this past Tuesday (4/17)
-I am using The 17 Day Diet as my basis for the first cycle, and will decide after the initial 17 days whether or not to modify to a different program/plan, or stick to the same regiment
-I have already lost 9 pounds
-I am a carb-o-holic and avid junk-food-junkie, and am a real person who really enjoys her vino and pasta!
-My fiance (and our families and friends) are totally supportive, but Nick is not doing the same diet as I am (nor does he need to!!)
-I have tackled my first major obstacle: traveling 8 hours during my first week of dieting, spending a weekend at Penn State during a major tailgating weekend, and learning how to avoid temptations from 7am all the way through 3am in one day!  (pleased to report that I didn't gain any weight while on our travels - tailgating "diet style" is going to become a new trend for me)

...We'll see how this goes, but I've decided to imprint in my mind the motto:

n o t h i n g tastes as good as skinny feels


water water water - morning, noon, & night!
at our tailgate, 2012

Stay tuned!

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Laura said...

Wow Christina, congrats on the 9 pounds! That's awesome! Good luck on sticking with it - diets are hard (as I'm sure you already know) but I'm sure you will do great!! :)

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