Quick DIY Project

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I love Nick.  There's no doubt about it, as he continually graces the topics of my blog posts.  For that reason (and because I had a soon-to-expire 20% off coupon to Michael's), I put together an easy DIY craft that was inspired on Pinterest via.  I'm so excited about how easy and affordable this was (if you're a "real" crafter, you probably have all this on hand already and can make it now!), and am excited to begin leaving one another goofy/meaningful/loving notes daily, weekly, and/or monthly (depending on how cute the notes are and how frequently we change it).  The dry erase markers come off of the glass very easily, making it the craft that keeps on giving :)  Hee hee...  I have a funny feeling some funny things will be written on here, but hey, whatever it takes to keep the spark!  Happy crafting!

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