Put it in the Hole!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

guess what guess what!!
we have cornhole boards weeeee!!
our very own, homemade, Penn State proud corn hole boards in all their tailgate-friendly glory and we are PSYCHED!

Nick has been hard at work on these bad boys and has done everything...  Sawing, cutting, sanding, painting, + everything in between.  Don't you just love a guy who can set his mind to something and get it done right?!  Swoon.  Reason #234329 why I love you, babe!  Home Depot got him started on the right foot as they were hosting a cornhole making seminar type thing one day, and he moseyed on over to git 'r done.  

I don't know if it's big in your area, but if you don't know what cornhole is around these parts you'll probably have a few grimaces coming your way...   Anyone and everyone is playing - at the bar, neighborhood bbqs, tailgates, etc.  We had to "fit in" with the "in crowd" and get our own together + can't wait to bring them to carry the cornhole tradition up north at PSU tailgates.  I have a little practicing to do (for some reason I'm either all on or all off), but have come to the conclusion that I'm better with beer.  Or wine.  Or whatever.  But honestly, who isn't?  I never thought getting a little bag filled with corn into a sawn out hole would be so challenging, but it is for me :) 

Below I have quality iPhone pictures to document Nick's progress + the birth of the boards: 


We have some decals + last minute touch ups to add to the boards, but regardless of whether or not we have time to do that quite yet, we'll be using them as early as this weekend!!  

Can.  Not.  Wait.  

are you from a cornhole town?


erica said...

love this! I really need to make a new one... my set from college is in a terrible condition. xo

Laura said...

Those look great! Love the design yall chose! I had an old coworker make some Hokie ones for Michael for last Christmas, and we absolutely love them. We used them at the beach, I'm excited to use them at cookouts at our place as well as tote them to tailgates!!

Sami said...

I have never playec cornhole! Is that weird?

Katie said...

love them!! my husband made some a few years ago - he was so proud of himself!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

hmm i dunno bout this cornhole thing in Cali.. ;) it looks like it could be fun though for camping! may have to look into building one too! or i guess you probly need 2 huh?

smk053078 said...

Holla!!!!! I LOVE cornhole! I just played for the first time this summer and I am hooked! We typically play washers in Texas, but I think I might be trading in that game! Wish we loved closer so we could have a "friendly" game!

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

I have never played this game! But these boards look quite professional!! I need to look into this - looks like fun!

Caitlin C. said...

These look awesome!!! I'm actually working on some boards right now for my friend. Painting them is taking FOREVERRRRR. Yours look great!

Amanda said...

I really want to make some for football season. I was just looking at them to buy and they are soo expensive! These look awesome.

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