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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey everybody!  Just as a little warning, I'm not totally into the blog tonight 
(b/c I'm busy rooting for the Steelers), 
so sorry in advance for the laziest blog post ever in the history of blog posts.
I'm literally humming "the lazy song" to myself right now as I write this, 
so consider yourself warned.
I just wanted to leave you with a few fun photos to recap the weekend below 
& a guest post I've done recently for you to check out at The Blog Scoop

Hope you enjoy :) More excitement to come later in the week, pinky promise!

we survived the first week back-to-school
(can I get an aaaaaamen?!)

I hope thumbsing up never goes out of style,
because clearly it's my go-to move.
I also hope I won't be judged for couch-gating since I didn't make it to UVA.
Lastly, I hope that Penn State doesn't keep losing their football games...
(dare to dream?)

The first (of many) pumpkin spice lattes has already been enjoyed
and I'm already drooling over the next one in my near future.
Thank you livingsocial $5 for $10 deal !

Losing weight = you get to go shopping
in your own closet!!
psyched this skirt (which is hard to see) fits!  
It hasn't fit since around December, 2010 no joke!

I don't know if I'll don these fancier get-ups to HS, but maybe!!
This is paired w/ a grey high waisted skirt + grey wedge pumps...
yay or nay?  Regardless, it was fun to fit into old clothes - I felt like
I was reconnecting with old friends or something.

hope you had a great weekend :)
now it's back to the grind............xox !

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Katie said...

I got that living social deal too! and what cute outfits! hope your monday goes well! I'm still not back in the school routine and this is week 4!!!!

Rachel said...

ahhhh pumpkin spice latte is out in the US? i miss it so much... currently working in hong kong and we don't get that at starbucks here... boo.
i love your gold chain necklace on the navy stripes top by the way :)

rachel xx

Michelle said...

Love the outfits!! Giving them a definite 'yay' :)

I kicking myself for not jumping on that livingsocial deal, I got the email and never followed through..starbucks is my weakness!

Lindsay said...

Popping over from Weekend Update. Love these looks! And I think it's okay to sometimes go on autopilot with blogging. In fact I did it all last week!

Sami said...

You go gf! There is nothing better than that feeling.. not that I would know or experienced it in years haha. I think both outfits are adorable and you should totally rock them :)Ps. I bed tailgated on Saturday night so I'm certainly not judging!

smk053078 said...

Way to go, friend! I am so proud of you for staying with it. Going shopping in your own closet can be so much fun!!! Keep up the dedication!!! Have a great week!!

Dani @ Inspire Motivate Love said...

Aren't PSL's the best? I wait for them to come around all year, because they are my favorite!
And I am totally for couch-gating, since I don't live anywhere close to any of the football teams I like to watch! :)
Happy Monday!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

Don't worry I tailgate all the time from the couch.. Which is what i'll be doing for the Raider game tonight! You can yell at the tv all you want, don't have to worry about DD's from all the beer you drink or the bathrooms for that matter!

Sarah said...

AH I love that pencil skirt! I love when old clothes fit (or even baggy) again!

Oh and I am your newest follower :)

Miranda @ All Things Lovely said...

Oh, I really like that blue outfit of yours!

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