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Monday, September 24, 2012

...Well hiya there, stranger!
I feel like I hardly know anything about anything anymore because I have been totally MIA as of late.  As you know, I've been sick and am STILL suffering through.  I keep avoiding it, but a doctors appointment may be in my near future.  #womp

With that said, let me update you on all the happenings around these parts as of late [and being an anal retentive list-maker, I figured listing day-by-day is the best way]

Since I couldn't remember much about Monday + Tuesday, I decided to pop right to Wednesday.  Work was good [my students are still making fun of me for being sick at this point], and after a long day Nick showed up at work with some Subway and sat through volleyball ticket sales with me at our home volleyball game.  Although it may sound ridiculous, it took us a few "customers" to get the hang of it - some paid with cash, others had punch cards, school passes, county passes, ahh!  Too much to keep track of, but we managed.

I had a late night at work - we had an informational meeting for parents that went until 8 and then we had to mosey on downtown to celebrate our good friend's birthday.  Trivia has since been moved to Thursday nights, so our team [dirty mike + the boys] came in a cool 2nd place for a nice little $20 gc.  Successful night, but I was exhausted!  I also got the new iPhone software update and spent some time loving on the new emojis 

I worked until 5 [it was ok by me to get out late to start this next week off on the right foot!], went to happy hour, and found myself tucked into bed by 9.  Was I happy?  Oh.  Yes.  

We woke up bright and early + traveled about 45 minutes north to attend an early 8am mass and a day-long conference for the engaged [literally day-long; it lasted from 8:30-4pm!!].  We learned so much from the other couples presenting and especially enjoyed the Priest that spoke.  Even though it was exhausting sitting through presentation after presentation, I'm excited that we're that much closer to spending the rest of our lives together :)  The evening was low-key and we stayed in and watched The Mechanic and Blank Check.  

So much for sleeping in!  I was up at 7am and spent the better part of the morning cleaning up and just love that [a] I get to start the week fresh + clean and [b] the crisp weather allows for me to open the windows or just cozy up in the apt. as is.  This 70's thing can stick around as long as it pleases - loving it :)   I also love a day-long-football-fest- Cowboys were on at 1 + the Steelers at 4:30 making it the perfect arrangement for Nick + I.  

How was your weekend?  
What were some of the temps. around your parts - I'm curious to hear how fally it's gotten for you?!

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Katie said...

we've had cooler weather this weekend and I am loving it!! i'm impressed you went somewhere on a week night after a long day at school! :) I hope you're feeling good this morning!

Kait said...

It's FINALLY cool weather here in central PA--whoop whoop!

Hallie said...

Ugh we are still in the high 80's, I would love nothing more than to have that cool weather!

Laura said...

The weather was AMAZING down in NC this weekend! Cool and crisp, with a hint of warmth from the sun. We went on a bike ride yesterday and it was perfection!

Hope you feel better soon girl! Being sick is no fun :(

Amy Powell said...

sounds like you got a lot done! I'm loving the cooler weather (though it's mostly in the morning & then is still 90*+ by the afternoon).... but cold will be here soon enough.

hope you feel better!

Sarah Grace said...

i'm addicted to the new emojis!! i spent wayyyy to much time browsing them this weekend! :)

happy monday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Sami said...

You are so cute! Sorry you are still sick :( I went to the football game yesterday and it was 90 degrees and I was sweating to death and I was praying for Fall asap haha. Love that ya'll went to the engaged conference, that is too sweet!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

gurrrlll let me tell you.. it's freakin hot up in here. it was 95 all weekend.. we went swimming on the first day of fall.. And this weekend doesn't look like it's changing :( :(.. ps feel better girl friend!

Jade :) said...

i loveddddddd when we went to our marriage retreat, true it was ALL day long, but ours provided us with snacks all day and we really got to see that we were meant for eachother :)

Candice said...

Wow! That candle looks delicious!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

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