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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sooooooo I'm getting a teensy bit lazy today [again] + am re-using a guest post that I shared on Kait's blog before.  Forgive me?  

k, thanks ;)  

So in the spirit of football season & my favorite month, I bring you:

The 5 keys to a successful tailgate
penn state style, of course.

[1] The Playlist
must haves: zombie nation | sweet caroline | thunderstruck 
reasons being:
y'all, if you know anything about Penn State, then you'd know that it is tradition to jump up and down (potentially ruining the stands) to zombie nation.  You'd also know that we belt sweet caroline out louder than most (even if it is banned now), and you'd be aware of our drinking problems.  Anything as an excuse to drink (please tell me you've played thunderstruck, too?) 

[2] The Food Selection
must haves: hot dogs, hamburgers, & brauts | chips | buffalo chicken dip | sweets | pizza
...what's a tailgate without grilled & greasy foods?!  And throwing out the pizza & sweets for good (hungover) measure.  Don't worry, I got your backs.  

[3] The Game Choices
must haves: corn hole | beer ball | tug-o-war | flip cup | beer pong | dizzy bat | pin the tail
you see:
I have an obsession with cornhole, tug-o-war, flip cup, & dizzy bat and so does everyone else who knows how to get down with a good tailgate :)  Beer ball is too hard to explain on the blog (but does bring over crowds of people - including rival fans & cops) aaaaand pin the tail is a real like version of the age old children's' game - only difference is you pin a tail on real people all stealth like and laugh at them until they notice!

[4] The Available Drinks
must haves: beer | vodka | bailey's | sodas | water 
incase it's not obvious:
they don't call it Happy Valley for nothing.  It is especially happy with the right bevvies at hand! 

[5] The Appropriate Attire
must haves: psu t-shirt | sweatshirt #1 | sweatshirt #2 | jeans/leggins/yogas | comfy sneaks
you obviously have to show your psu pride + look cute while being comfy (hence sneakers and yogas), but the reason for 2 sweatshirts?  Just look up a forecast for State College, PA.  I can almost guarantee you'll get rained on at one of your fall tailgates & will need a dry one to go into the game in.  

And there you have it.  The 5 keys to throwing a successful tailgate...  Just sub in different attire and viola - perfect for any football tailgating experiences!  (but honestly, why wouldn't you be a penn state fan?)  We'll be up for years & years to come and hope to raise little psu children someday (it is where we met, after all!)  

So there you have it...  Tailgating tips brought to you by yours truly :)  How do you celebrate a football weekend?

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Katie said...

we are not really football fans but I'd attend any football party for the food and friends! :)

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