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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Obviously I have Nick to thank for special engageversary/Valentine's day treats & for being my Valentine this year (and every year to come), and am beyond grateful for being blessed with this wonderful man, buttttt he did have a little competition this year...  I opened up my mailbox on Tuesday and was pleased & excited to see another Valentine's day treat waiting for me all the way from Kansas!!!

Backstory - Rachel & Mallory set up a cute little mini Vday swap once upon a time, and per usual, I had to sign up.  I know I may not be considered a "great" blogger or even a "good" blogger, but I have to say one of the perks/things that I enjoy committing to and investing time in through this blogging world is cultivating relationships with some of you remarkable women.  We all come from such differing walks of life, and yet have such crazy (and unexpected) connections that it makes it that much more interesting/exciting when an opportunity arises to meet/get to know someone further.  Hence, the swap & hence why I had to sign up.

I got paired with a California transplant who now resides with hubby & pup in KS and has recently kick-started an amazing venture - the Bigs & Littles Blog Network.  She's a doll.  She's hilarious.  She's got great taste in life.  And in stores.  And in treats:  

Can I just say I'm loving "practicing" being Christina Kennedy?!  No name-change hesitations here, ladies - I'm ready to do the ol' swap-a-roo!  This made me smile from ear to ear, Mal.  

Yes, Mallory stalked my blog and noticed I'm going through a "lifestyle makeover."  And yes, she got me special candy.  Unjunked less guilty candy.  I dieee.

And are these polka dot cup cake papers not the cutest?!  Nick, get ready for some cupcakes or muffins b/c these are too cute not to use stat.  

Also love love love these cards - and the inspiration written across the top =)  I'll be sending some out soon for sure!

And she does it yet again - my favorite color is pink, I'm ADDICTED to trident sugar free gum (my saving grace when I'm trying to deter from sweet), and what girl doesn't want more lip gloss?! #itsthelittlethings

...and as I said before, FABULOUS taste in stores.  Incase you didn't pick up before, some of these goods are from my beloved Target - and can I just say I've been eying down these straws for some time now & couldn't believe they were in my package!?

Lastly, my favorite part of the Vday package... "Home is where our story begins"
If that doesn't make you smile, then the special little note explaining the handmade monogram ("...incase you don't have the perfect picture yet") sure should.  

I'm so grateful & so thankful for being a part of this little blogland 
and for all the thought Mallory put into this.  Thank you, sweet friend =)

I hope you're all enjoying your Valentine's Day!
Love & Kisses to all =)

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Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

love when our swap partners actually take the time to get to know you and send personal things! it's even more fun! I knew Mallory would hook you up! Thanks for participating in our swap! :) xoxo

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