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Friday, April 05, 2013

This may be the only Friday in the history of Fridays (well, those from Sept. 1 - June 14 at least) to which I'm not thrilled is here.  This Friday marks the final weekday of my spring break and that not only bums me out, but gives me anxiety thinking about getting my butt in gear for the upcoming state testing that is about to go down these next few months.  

On a brighter note, this week has been nothing short of amazing.  Family, fun, and wedding planning galore - what more could a girl ask for??  We have accomplished SO much - I intend to do a little recap/reflection on our wedding planning process, but for now, let's high 5 to the week, the fact that it's Friday, and to family:

1.  y'all - those eyes & lips.  I don't want a baby yet,  I don't want a baby yet, I don't want a baby yet {but she is so darn cute}

2.  These women have bent over backwards all week in preparation for our wedding.  We're talking baking dozens upon dozens of cookies with no complaints.  All I had to do was get them a little schnockered first {kidding}

3.  Some of aforementioned cookies.  These will become lady fingers.  Not pictured: mini cheesecakes, pecan tassies, birds nests, biscotti, bon bons, & buckeyes.  Also not pictured: all other cookies on the "waiting" list.  Hope my guests like sweets!

4.  This is Maggie Mae, my grandma's golden.  The sweetest, softest, smartest little angel {aside from my family's golden, Mia}  The countdown to getting a dog begins.......... now.

5.  I cannot wait to marry this man.  And squeeze his cheeks whenever I want {both sets}.  And go to gun ranges and target practice with him.  His has made me step out of my comfort zone on so many different matters & I'm so grateful for his patience & encouragement.
...I'm also a little more bada** than I was at this time last week.  I'm actually a good shot ;) 

honorable mentions: 

HIGHEST OF FIVES to our little nephew, RJ 
today is his 2nd birthday!!

and another high 5 for PHILLIES BASEBALL finally kicking off!!

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Annmarie Pipa said...

what a fun and exciting time in your life! enjoy and have fun!! you are blessed with much love in your life...lucky you!!!!
I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.

Kait said...

I LOVE SWEETS! So that sounds like my kind of wedding! So sweet of them to help you out :)

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