Thursday, May 02, 2013

So back on April 5 (a little early, I know) I posted this picture onto my instagram account:

& inevitably to my twitter account as well.  The responses?  p r i c e l e s s .
For some reason, everyone figured I was throwing a shower for myself & was announcing that I was having a baby boy via these social media outlets.  Alas, the hashtag #notapregobride was born.

Fast forward to April 28 & you arrive at our attempts at a little 'ol rubber ducky themed baby shower :)  Meet Melissa & future baby Kaleb (center), and some of the ladies:

We did a lot of pinning, a little thinking, and some prep work, and here's what we came up with (warning, picture overload):

for you non math teachers - this onesie is a play on words with the right triangle ;)

We all had a lot of fun planning this out for our lovely little mama-to-be & are so grateful she and her husband are in our lives!!  Congrats again you two!!  

ps - Fruit "baby" DIY found here
DIY onesie garland to come! 
 photo Signature_zpsbda4491c.png


Katie said...

that baby is so cute! what a cute looking shower!

Laura said...

What an adorable shower! I didn't know you were pregnant! Are you due before or after the wedding??

[he he :)]

Seriously though, you did a great job with the decorations and I loved the diaper buggy and baby watermelon. Congrats to your friend!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

how cute! love your decorations! and the watermelon baby!! i wish you threw my shower! (ps is that the right threw? I dunno o well)... ha! #youramathteacherhopefullynotalsoenglish ;)

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