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Monday, June 03, 2013

Hey poopers,

I finally have a minute to come up for air as I watch one of my least favorite seasons of the bachelor/bachelorette and decided to do a little updating via this here blog :)  Not that Des isn't deserving, and not that Juan Pablo isn't an unexpected twist of Latino flair, buttttt something about this season just has me feeling meh about it.  ABC is also grasping at straws a teeny bit bringing Soulja Boy on by to figure out whether or not these guys are here for the right reasons.  Yep, rap videos and making it rain definitely spell out L-O-V-E...  Or not.  Is anyone else with me?

Ah, I digress...  So a week or so ago I had an amazing weekend with family and friends celebrating our wedding shower and my sister's 21st birthday!  We were overwhelmed with the love and generosity that our friends and family "showered" us with and couldn't be more excited or grateful.  Y'all, we're down to FORTY SEVEN days.  47!  This is all so surreal.  

And now that my sister//MOH is 21, look out loretta!  Once the littlest makes it into the 21 and over club, watch out - we'll be the trifecta!  This is going to make for one heck of a bachelorette party...  but that'll come a little closer to the big day.

Here are some highlights via picture of the comings and goings of Memorial Day Weekend:

More updates to come!  

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Katie said...

i love your dress - you look beautiful! yeah for your shower! it's getting so close!!!

Kait said...

You look so good lady! XO

Rachel Cloutier said...

aw love you had a great shower! you're looking great girl! almost wedding day!! ahh!

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