Honeymoon | Part 1

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Heeeeeeeeeeeey everyone!  Wow, what a whirlwind the month of July was!  I cannot WAIT to update you on all the fun & excitement that has come our way last month, but figured it's best to start with our honeymoon.  Our amazing wedding photographer is hard at work on our wedding weekend gallery, but you can preview some of Blythe's favorites here :)  I won't be talking wedding weekend until we've had some time to review the pictures with one another and with family/friends, but in the meantime, let's talk Mexico, shall we?

Ohhhh, Mexico.  Where do we begin?

Nick and I decided to stay at Sun Palace - an all inclusive couples only resort in Cancun.  We had heard great things about this particular resort and the sister properties before, and were not let down.  After an easy one-way flight to Mexico we were greeted with cold compress towels and flowers and smiles and happiness.  We checked into our room, took our first tequila shot, and went to explore the premises.

Here are some shots & explanations of our first few days!  

We spent so much time out in the sun in the pools & on the beaches.  Had to get the obligatory "write in the sand" pictures in there :)

When you're on vacation as a couple, it's super awkward getting pictures with one another.  Thankfully, someone offered to take our picture before we headed out to the beach on night 2.

Once we got outside a crate full of baby turtles were awaiting us!  Around the time we were there was high season for mother turtles to truck up the beach and lay their eggs.  The local resorts then protect these areas and once the babies hatch, they allow us to take the baby turtles to the shoreline and see their way off into the big blue.  This has drastically improved the survival rate of these incredible creatures :)  Here's me with Squirt - our first turtle.  We also had Nick Junior, and 2 others whose names escape me right now.  The picture quality is terrible as you're not allowed to use flash.  We were relying on AfterLight to help make the picture possible!

The beautiful beaches called our names and we had no problem camping out and enjoying the clear blue water.  

We then went for a nice long ride on a jet ski - I was way too afraid to rent my own/drive the one we shared, but had no problem squeezing Nick tight!  We fell off once which totally freaked me out, but fortunately there was nothing to worry about.

Being that we were honeymooners we got the treatment.  There was no forgetting what we were celebrating that week and I was A-OK with that!

See what I mean?  A romantic honeymoon dinner for two.  Not pictured: the tequila shots that followed.  

Another photo op as we went and enjoyed the nightlife at the resort. 

And with the nightlife we enjoyed a plethora of different shots.  Had to showcase the American Flag shots, of course :) 

And by this point if you're thinking all we did was eat, sleep, drink, and tan...  I can't say as you're too far off base.  Again, us at the Oriental Lounge - A+ sushi by the way.  

Not pictured from the first few days:  amazing aromatherapy massages & swimming with dolphins as well as other activities at the pool.  I had to get my "relax & enjoy" on somehow and bringing my camera absolutely everywhere wasn't high on the to-do list!!  

Hope you enjoyed revisiting our first few days of our honeymoon with us.  I love reliving this & can't wait to show you what's next.  Get ready for part 2 of the honeymoon coming soon!

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Charissa White said...

This is so sweet!!!! Looks like you two had a great time!

-Charissa The Smashbook

Kait said...

BE CUTER!!!!! Your pictures are absolutely stunning from the wedding! And I loved revisiting your honeymoon ;)

Sami said...

Girl. You know I just teared up looking at all of your wedding pictures on the photographer's site. STUNNING. You both look so happy!

Laura said...

So fun!!! I wish I could go on a honeymoon again! I'm so glad y'all had a great time!! Your resort looks amazing and I'm glad they treated you so special all week ;)

P.S. Ditto to taking pictures while on vacation... it's so annoying to have to ask people all the time to get a couples pic. But it's so worth it (even if they're sometimes blurry)!

P.P.S. LOOOVE that orange dress :) you are so cute!

Sarah said...

This looks wonderful!!!

Katie said...

so fun!! you guys are adorable and you look beautiful!!

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