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Friday, October 25, 2013

Well, Oct. 21-25, you have officially pooped me out.  Between work, spirit week, after school meetings, early arrivals, tutoring my students, tutoring 2 others privately, and picking up a 3rd to tutor privately (plus cooking dinner a couple nights, laundry, keeping the house in tact, and keeping my sanity), I'm about ready to clock out until 2014.  That's life though, isn't it?  So rather than spend the time complaining, I'll relish in the fact that the week is over and that it was pretty exciting :)  

Enter: spirit week.  I had said here that I planned on participating, and that I did.  I love seeing my students' reactions to the fact that I participate, and enjoy the camaraderie that is so apparent upon entering the school building.  Even though we may drive each other nuts, they can be pretty cool kids and have a blast as they count down to their beloved homecoming game & dance.  Catch a glimpse of the comings and goings of my 2013 showcased spirit:

Monday aka "zoo day"coupled with turkey chili for dinner 
I was inspired by this tutorial found on pinterest for this cute flamingo costume!  (good guesses ladies!) 

Tuesday aka "tacky tourist day" | coupled with pizzadillas (picture below & recipe found here)
I had an adorable retro cross body bag in every neon color known to mankind, binoculars, socks with sneakers, and my camera ready to snap shots.  Instead of the thumbs up, I should've remembered to throw up my duces.  

Wednesday aka "Jack & Jill day" | coupled with a pre-birthday Mediterranean dinner with friends 
Almost too embarrassed to post these pictures to the internet, but whatevs.  Yes, that is me and yes, Nick freaked out when he saw my get up.  He told me to cool it on the whole gender bender thing and although he was okay with the spirit day, it's established I should stay the girl and he should stay the boy in this relationship.  

Thursday aka "everyday heroes day" | coupled with on-the-go dinner due to tutoring
Somehow I didn't manage to get a picture today, but I promise, it wasn't anything compared to gender bender day.  I wore regular street clothes with a "safety patrol" vest and a stop sign...  I almost dressed up as a Chipotle worker or a target clerk though.  I know nurses, doctors, military members, etc. are true heroes, but an "everyday" hero to me is the guy at Chipotle that doubles my portion size for the same cost, thus allowing me to eat a dinner, a lunch, and a possible 2nd dinner the next day, or the lady at Target that opens up a new aisle and invites me to be her first check out.  

Friday aka "school spirit day" | coupled with on-the-go dinner take 3 (oops!) 
Spirit day is always the fan favorite around these parts...  kids are dressed head to toe in all shades of greens and blues and are so proud to be an eagle.  There's a senior run, a pep rally, the bon fire was the night before, and a tailgate before the homecoming float display and game.  Although I won't be in attendance (it's SO darn cold and our fireplace//a glass of wine are calling my name), I'll be rooting from home :)  Days like today make it all worth it.  

I am super excited to keep it mostly low-key this weekend after all the fun of the week; however.  We have a yummy brunch on tap, in addition to my birthday twin & his gf officially moving to VA.  Besides that and sleep, you won't catch me doing too much (I hope!!) 

Incase you'd like a taste of previous years feast your eyes here: Spirit week 2011 | Spirit week 2012  

happy weekend, friends!!  
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