Zucchini Lasagna

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pinterest is such an amazing invention.  Need inspiration for a paint color?  They've got it.  Need an idea for a birthday gift for your sister?  Check her "wish list" board and bam - you're all set.  Trying to be all "housewifey" and need inspiration for dinner?  Pinterest that ish and you'll have a million and one recipes at your fingertips.  

That was me about a week ago, and that's where zucchini lasagna came in.

I was so eager to try this recipe that I whipped out an unused Williams-Sonoma gift card and   ordered myself this handy dandy mandolin, bought all the ingredients for the recipe, and patiently impatiently awaited the mandolin's arrival.  

I used this recipe put my skills to the test.  Although I don't consider myself a chef, it was worth a shot and didn't come out half bad :)  I'm sure with a little more practice, I could master the zucchini lasagna and attempt to make it for people other than my amazing hubs.

the simplest inventions are so remarkable...  excited to make eggplant & sweet potato chips with this little guy

couldn't figure out quite how to slice the whole zucchini, so I improvised...

multi-tasking in the kitchen is tough for me, but I managed to prevent the house from burning down :) phew!
And viola!  (Doesn't look like much, but did taste good!)

I'm attempting minestrone sometime this week, so stay tuned~! 

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Kait said...

Um this looks amazing! Definitely adding it to my to-make list! And real talk on the mandolin--worth adding to the wedding registry?

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