Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow is so darn beautiful when it's not being extraordinarily dangerous.  It's pure, clean, crisp, fresh, and bright.  It reflects sunlight to light up the world brighter than normal, and makes pops of color so vibrant against the whiteness.  And above all else (for a teacher), it means an extended MLK weekend.  Which also means that we've officially used up all of our banked snow days for the 2013-2014 school year...  Which means my happiness and contentment may only be short lived (as we will begin making days up hereafter), but until then I'm going to revel in it's beauty and appreciate the surprise days off it has brought us.  

These berries and the color that is left in these bushes are so perfect against the white, no?  I may not be anything of a photographer, but I love these images taken in our backyard.  

And even though it wasn't a ton of snow, it was a solid coat that made perfect for doodling.  See other doodles here.  

And even though the trees may look naked, and spring feels eons away from us, is the sight of the sunsetting across the snow not just gorgeous?  Again, I'm noooo photographer (I barely know how to turn my DSLR on/off), but everything is just so lovely.  

I'll gush over the beauty of the snow for a bit longer; however, I think I've gotten my fill for this winter.  I can only hope that February and March aren't as harsh as anticipated, and that this may be our "grand finale" for this winter.  We shall see, shan't we?  

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