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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why hello, little blog.  Long time no see!!  Not to say I'm back in full swing or anything, but I do have a few extra hours on my hands today since we're snowed in, so I figured I'd pop in in say hi.  I have a couple posts that I've been brainstorming & may write/schedule them if I'm feeling very ambitious, but for now, I'm excited to partake in Taylor & Bon's Why we work link up.

This got me thinking, why have we worked for the last 4 years and for the next 94 to come?  Is it his overwhelming good looks and icy baby blues that have an uncontrollable effect on me?  Is it that deep, sultry man voice?  Or is it something much, much more than that?

Perhaps it's that we both grew up with similar family backgrounds; we were both raised in households with parents who were able to overcome many obstacles and are still very much in love to this day.  They raised us with strong morals, Catholic faith, and a taste for some good food.  They showed us the significance of putting family and others first, and have never thought twice before giving to others.  

Perhaps it's that we're both kids at heart...  I act like a total fool around Nick with my "13-year-old-girl-pink" nails, and my candy crush addiction.  I run around the house like a dancing fool, and have to be reminded during bedtime to "settle down" because it's time to sleep.  He's happy as a clam in high tide when his Phillies and/or Cowboys and/or Nittany Lions playing, and is almost giggly when he is reunited with his life long guy friends.  

Perhaps it's that when we fight, we fight fair.  We take a step back and know when to tell one another to "take a minute" to think about what is happening.  We constantly strive for deeper communication and have yet to run into a conflict that couldn't be resolved.  We also are realistic in thinking many challenges lie ahead and that if we lay the groundwork for resolution and understanding now, with a little prayer and patience, we can make it through anything.  

Perhaps it's that we realize we have basic priorities and needs that overlap, but as individuals we each have our own aspirations.  I support his desire to go to grad school, move up the chains in education, and conquer the world.  He supports my desire to wait it out and find my true calling; keeping in mind that I may someday hope to be a stay-at-home-mom and may take a financially challenging path to fulfill my needs.  

Perhaps it is that we are complete opposites in as many ways as we are very similar.  I hate change, I am not patient, I am stubborn, and I am anxious.  Nick somehow finds a way to be the total opposite of all of these qualities and balances my crazy out with his zen.  

Or perhaps it's that when we stood in front of all of our closest family and friends and in front of God and said "I do," we meant it with every fiber of our beings.  I absolutely, positively, even when on the verge of divorce, even in the middle of the happiest times or saddest times, even if fill-in-the-bank happens, do.    

I love you, mouse.  :)   This whole relationship thing may be hard work, but it's worth it to make sure we work!  xxoo

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The Purple Front Door said...

Aww! This is so sweet! Have a happy day tomorrow!

Alison Ambrose said...

Just found your blog through the link-up and am really excited that I did! You and Nick seem like such a great couple! Thanks for sharing :)

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

"I absolutely, positively, even when on the verge of divorce, even in the middle of the happiest times or saddest times, even if fill-in-the-bank happens, do."

Love that ending. And how true it is! I really have loved looking at people's things on the link-ups because it just shows how similar we all are and different at the same time, ya know? We each fit with our guys in different special ways, but there also are the themes of enjoying one another and working hard and finding those ways that we balance each other out. And I just love seeing all the commitment left and right! Makes me smile. :)

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

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