Easy Peasy Wreath

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

As promised, today I'll be sharing my little craft that I whipped up yesterday afternoon :)  After coercing Nick into taking me to HobLob to get supplies, and after watching the tow truck remove a car that got caught in the ditch across the street from us, I went to work on this bad boy.  Total craft time: 10 minutes?  Maybe?  

Nick's eyes got huge when I took him down the wreath aisle and he saw their $139 - $150 price tags.  He didn't get it, and to be frank, neither do I.  Some of the wreaths were more modestly priced, but I really couldn't imagine forking over that much money for something that I could make for less.  With that, I had referenced Pinterest to find some inspiration/ideas for wreaths I could easily make/afford. 

All in all my cost was around $40.00 (the burlap ribbon & the florals were expensive, but I did have coupons and flowers were 50% off), but it was worth it to me.  I decided against a full hydrangea wreath (even though I think they're gorgeous!) because it would've quickly added up...  I only used 4 hydrangeas, but easily would've needed 12 to complete the full oval!  

Most tutorials have you using hot glue to keep the blooms in place, but I only used hot glue to secure my leaves, letter, and ribbon.  

I ended up with wired burlap ribbon that measured 4 inches wide.  I played around with it for a little until I ended up with a bow I liked, but my best recommendation is starting with a much longer piece than you think you'll use and going at it.  I ended up looping 4 times and securing the bow by holding the 4 loops taut and wrapping it with the remaining burlap 3 times.  I then hot glued it to the back of the bow and glued the bow to the wreath.   

Before the K dried/was added:

And after.  Kinda loving it both ways :) The K adds a more dramatic pop against our red door, I think!  

I'm hoping this is the last indoor craft for awhile, I'm ready to get my hands dirty and start working on our yard.  Fingers crossed we can get some quality outdoor work sometime in March and/or April and especially fingers crossed that we don't jump from 20 degree temps to 80 degree temps w/o spring weather in between!

...Only time will tell :) 

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Laura said...

Thank you for posting this wreath! I was hoping you would :) After seeing all your supplies laid out it really does seem easy. I am going to have to attempt this soon!!

his little lady said...

Loving this DIY idea!
xo TJ


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