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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hey guys, Penny here.  Just wanted to drop in and say hi after a little splish splash in this big pink plastic thing outside mommy calls my puppy pool.  I love that thing a whole lot - I especially love getting mommy & daddy soaking wet.  It's super hot where we live, so it's nice when I can cool off and catch some rays at the same time.  The pink thing is a lot bigger than my water dish and I don't get in trouble for jumping around in it, so I'm pretty happy about that.  

It's been awesome living here the past few weeks.  I mean, minus the part where my humans only feed me twice a day, and double minus the part where they put me in this puppy jail looking thing and try to call it my "home" at nighttime.  Sure, it's comfortable, but I like being with them.  I've seen their room a couple times and man, that place is awesome.  Otherwise, I've had the best time.  I have approximately 234 toys, a fluffy bed, and my humans give me treats for doing the easiest things.  Sit?  Sure.  Lay down?  Don't have to ask me twice.  And I get a treat for it?  Bonus points to you, mom & dad.  Funny thing is, they think they're the ones training me.  Psssh, amateurs.  

Apparently I'm under the weather right now.  I don't know what a UTI means, but I do know I get special peanut butter snacks every morning & night with a little white crunchy thing inside of it.  If that's what having a UTI means, sign me right up!  Plus, I get a different kind of food.  It's so delicious I practically inhale it every mealtime.  The humans tried to put this gobble stopper thing in my dish, but that thing has nothing on me.  I love food.  Almost as much as belly rubs.  They might even come out in a tie...  

Anyhow, I'll drop by here every now and again to keep you posted on how my humans are doing on this whole dog raising thing.  So far so good I think.  As long as they know who's the boss 'round here, we'll all be okay.  

Until next time,
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