So Long, Summer 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well, here we are again...  Counting down until the first day of school (tomorrow kicks-off teacher work week) and the beginning of another year of work.  Summer, you always go so quickly, but fortunately after you comes fall.  Fall around these parts is absolutely beautiful, so it makes the transition a little more bearable.  We accomplished so much this summer, and even though it wasn't one that marked a major milestone in our lives, we're still excited about all the events that transpired.  I'm in such denial right now, though.  I cannot fathom waking up and going back to work Monday through Friday every week until June, 2015.  Oh well...

In true teacher fashion, here's a list of all the fun and accomplishments from summer '14:

-We redid our back yard
-We got/began training Penny
-I taught summer school for high schoolers for 2 days
-We both taught 3rd grade summer school for 3 weeks
-We celebrated our 1 year anniversary
-I tried out 5+ new recipes
-We prepared home cooked meals (sometimes) 4x/week
-We celebrated my sisters college graduation
-We helped move said sister much closer (HURRAY for only a 1 hour drive!)
-We painted our spare bedroom and gave it a snazzy striped accent wall
-We painted our other spare bedroom
-Nick got accepted into grad school and begins tomorrow night
-We hosted the 2014 fantasy football draft that Nick & his friends participate in
-We lounged and slept and relaxed as much as Penny would allow us

I'm definitely planning on recapping our backyard makeover (someday), because I'm very impressed with what Nick was able to accomplish (with some help from our friends)!  I also hope to get some room updates over here sooner or later, buuuuut that'll happen when it happens.  

For now, we bid you adieu Summer, 2014.  You will be missed :(

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Laura said...

Glad you had a great summer :) I'm sad it's almost over even though I'm not a teacher! It's just a really fun time of year.

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