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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some people get the "baby itch" while others might get the "wedding itch."  If you're really unfortunate, you might even get a mosquito bite itch.  However, I have not been experiencing any of these "itches."  Rather, I have a bad case of the I-want-a-puppies. I told Nick this yesterday and he just sat there and laughed at me.  Thing is, I'm totally serious.

I want something to come home to that loves me unconditionally that will cuddle with me and wag it's tail when I come home.  I want something that can listen to me vent on bad days, and something that doesn't judge me if my hair doesn't fall correctly or if I over cook the chicken.  I want a furry friend and that's it.  I'm stubborn enough that I'm this close (signal hand motion) to taking my credit card and finding someone with a little baby golden retriever or labrador retriever that needs a new mommy.

I've been brainstorming names, scoping out a vet, and noticing pet stores around town everywhere I go.  This itch isn't something that will stop with a few scratches.  I'm so eager to get a puppy it's not even fair.  The problem is, Nick says we're not home enough and that he's not ready to wake up at 2, 4, and 6am to take the pupperoo out to go to the bathroom... I don't see what the big deal is.  Probably will have to stay tuned because I have a bad feeling that in this case, what Nick says is gonna go.  A girl can dream, though!

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Alyss said...

I am in the middle of bad puppy fever, too. Unfortunately, I have a six year old dog, am in school to become a school teacher and will probably be moving in the next year when I find my "real" job. Not a good time for a new baby. But yes, scoping out, looking at puppy pictures and swooning at the dog park are all a part of my weekly routine :) You can tell Nick that puppies are actually really good at sleeping through the night quickly... it's not waking up at night that's the hard part, it's taking them out every couple hours during the day that is difficult. But it's worth it!

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