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Thursday, October 06, 2011

There's nothing better then the feeling of being a family unit.  I have been lucky enough to be raised within my own wonderful family unit; and sooner or later will build my own with Nick.  For some kids; however, this is not necessarily their reality.  However, this past week at the High School I work at, we have all bonded over the silliness of spirit week.  The Homecoming game is tomorrow night (and of course, Miss M. will be in attendance to support her students), and the dance is Saturday night (and of course, Miss M. will be at this too, to chaperone and see all her students dressed up all dapper-like).  Leading up to this have been 5 distinct spirit days that have been filled with clever costumes, laughs, and confusion.

Monday was 80's day...  I chose to don pearls, lace gloves, a crimpy side pony, and gaudy make up (hard to see in the picture) to be a sort-of faux Madonna.  Other teachers went Goodwill hunting and found old-school clothes including Jelly shoes and leggings.

Tuesday was twin day.  The Math department (most) chose to all dress up as each others' twins and sport our best math-geeked-out-gear.  You can't tell, but I fully committed.  With a mouth guard, lipstick on my teeth, a calculator in my pocket, a 3-stooges tie, and a kick-me sign on the back, I'd say we were FULL of goofy spirit that day.

Wednesday was cartoon day.  Although I don't have a picture, the Math department joined forces again and each chose a different care bear to be.  It was a great excuse to wear a t-shirt and jeans, and gave the kids a laugh when we all realized care bears are kind-of before their time.

Thursday was Pixar day.  The theme for this year's Homecoming was Pixar and across the school you could find Jessie, Ham, the Incredibles, Sully, Mike, Boo, and others roaming the halls.  I chose to be a plastic army man and got a few laughs out of my kids with my plastic trash bag parachute.

Tomorrow is spirit day (blue & green) and I'll be on the prowl tonight at Wal*Mart to find funny things to make my outfit complete.  Overall, I'd say students and faculty alike really had a great time sharing ideas and experiences, as well as sharing millions of laugh over some of the wacky outfits!  I'm glad that we had something like this and really think everyone who's a part of a "group" should take the time to do their own special bonding activity.

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