Wedding Inspiration: Engagement Photos

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let me start by saying that I have begun to finalize some details in regards to our engagement photos, and am beyond elated to be working with such a talented woman for our e-session.  But before I give her up, let me go back a little and give some background info as to how we wound up with who we did...

Nick & I are getting married in PA, but live in VA.  We decided to look into some local (as in, local-to-New Castle, PA) photographers to capture some engagement pictures to be sent out on save-the-dates and potentially canvased & framed for our future home.  While researching, I found some people who have great potential, but are either out of our price range, or are a little too old fashioned for us.  With that, I continuously came back to one individual who was more local to our home, and couldn't shake her talent and potential from my mind.

Although I was certain, I wasn't committed just yet and asked the advice of a woman whose opinion I value and trust, my mother.  My mother was once a photographer and knows the questions to ask & the pictures to look for.  She has a different eye than the 'average joe,' and was so impressed with this persons' ability.  I knew that once my mom was on board, my decision was easy.

Because of this, Nick and I will have our engagement photos shot by Blythe.  Seriously, this girl is talented and just keeps getting better & better!  I cannot wait to see what she comes up with for us, and am so grateful that we were able to snag her this July... Especially excited to spend the evening getting our engagement pictures done just about a year out from the actual wedding!  (What a perfect way to get even more hyped for the big day)

Enjoy these two favorites of mine & head over QUICK to see more of her talent & beautiful photography!  Be looking back late July for photos & in the meantime, if you have posing suggestions, outfit selection input, or location recommendations, we'd love to hear!


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Great photos! I'm planning our engagement session too, and it's tough!

Christina @My Life, Laughs, and Love said...

Good luck picking out a location & outfit(s)! I bet they will be beautiful :)

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