Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why am I biased about October being the greatest month of the year?

Well there's this:

And this:

And lots of these: 

It has been a fantastic month thus far...  Because of that, this "weekend recap" is just a couple days late, so bear with me - ok?

We went out with friends of ours to go see Zac Brown Band perform.
We were in the pit and so close that it felt like Zac + co. were performing just for us.  The concert was only my 3rd to date (3rd ever concert, that is) and it was phenomenal!  I'd love to have them back again sometime soon - I'd be there in a heartbeat! 

(Wax lip fun before heading out - got them as one of Nick's 25 presents for his 25th birthday)

The crew

 Being this is shot from a 5'2" angle it's hard to really tell, but we had fabulous "seats" :)

Saturday we made an impromptu visit up to PA to visit Nick's family & continue our birthday weekend celebrations.  We went out to dinner at our favorite Albanian Italian restaurant, and stayed up playing a round of cards.  It was simply beautiful - the leaves are in full-throttle gorgeousness, and the weather had a beautiful warm but cool feel to it.  We stopped up at a farm to pick up fresh apples and honestly picked out the crispest, most flavorful ones I've ever tasted :) mm mmm good!

We continued/finished the weekend by officially celebrating Nick's birthday and I daresay he enjoyed each little treat.  So for the grand reveal of 25 gifts for his 25th birthday:
1. hoops & yoyo birthday card
2. cowboys coozie 
3. cowboys "through the years" sports illustrated book
4. big league chew
5. wax lips
6. extra sunglasses (to keep in his car so that he doesn't lose them!)
7. 1 giftcard to wawa for a meatball hogie (to the exact dime hee hee)
8. "coupon" to borrow my favoritest pillow in the whole wide world for 2 days
9. "coupon" movie of his choice at home w/ no distractions 
10. "coupon" one whole day of couch/tv privileges no questions asked
11. "coupon" get-out-of-clean-up-free for a whole week 
12. "coupon" 1 day of genuine rooting for the Cowboys (except for boys vs. steelers match up)
13. "coupon" 1 Moe's Monday meal on me
14. "coupon" 1 back massage
15. "coupon" 1 day/night of helping grade papers/projects/hw/etc. 
16. pack of orbit gum
17. sour patch kids watermelon 
18. ummmmm I forget #18.  but I'm sure it was good :) 
19. Chinese food lunch delivery to work 
20. boxers
21. giftcard to chick-fil-a
22. set of golf balls
23. gift card to Dick's sporting good 
24. corn hole lights
25. daily love notes the week leading up to the big day

Needless to say, Nicky mouse felt extra super special.
He also felt extra extra super special after reading all his love notes and well wishes the other day!!  As always, we're each blown away by the sweetness and love that is out there in little ol blogland :)  

So there you have it... our weekend (and a little taste of the week) so far.

If you've been following on instagram, you know there's some funny stuff coming after this week.  I'll give you a couple hints:
-I'm a HS teacher
-It's homecoming week
-Back in the day, tacky sweaters, western wear, alter egos, and spirit wear will be showcased

Stay tuned! 

pssst: have you entered the giveaway yet?  if not, get on it!  easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Clare C. Whitaker said...

It looks like you had a blast this past weekend, I hope this week is going just as wonderfully!
Twirling Clare

Frank Vinyl said...

lovely! i love oct too


Kait said...

25 things for 25 years is adorable! I'm doing it for Dane this year! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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