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Monday, December 10, 2012

love love love getting mail addressed like this
congrats to future mom + dad!
can't wait to see if their peanut will be a boy or a girl!

knock-off tagalong recipe coming later this week!
muffin-making-machine (3 + doz to be exact)
N + I at the snowball
1800 tequila shot //  vodka water

Friday highlights:
1 | my students were so incredibly good today!  I was very proud/excited/grateful [especially since it's easy to get riled up on a Friday!]
2 | it was Food Friday!!  complete with a soup bar, breakfast casseroles, and tons of sweet treats
3 | N + I attended/chaperoned the 5th grade snow ball dance.  the kids were SUCH dolls and looked adorable!  we all had so much fun dancing the cupid shuffle, gangham style, etc.
4 | I made this card for a friend of ours who announced she + her husband are expecting!  

Saturday highlights:
1 | Nick had left his car overnight at the school and needed me to drive him to get his car.  no problem, right?  except, the keys to my car were locked in his car and I don't have a spare set....
2 | cue our friend, Melissa.  we had a lunch date planned + she came and saved the day :)
3 | ugly sweater holiday party with friends + faculty
4 | nighthole

Sunday highlights:
1 | waking up at 11am.  and not in the least embarrassed.
2 | breakfast at IHOP
3 | steelers v. chargers game with two of my favorite boys
4 | errands, cleaning, + more Christmas list items purchased
5 | only ten days of school until vacation!

how was your weekend?  eventful?  busy?  boring?

i'd love to hear ;)

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Katie said...

sounds like a great weekend! hope your kids are good again today!

Helene said...

what a fun weekend!!! i loved getting mail with my newly married name too! so fun!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I am getting married in June and my engagement ring is very similar to yours!

When is your wedding?

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