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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

dear today,

you stink
like the 5 bags of trash we took out yesterday as a result of NYE at casa de Kennedy stink.
like the loads of unwashed laundry that sat around for what seemed to be weeks until last night.
and like the smell of our toilet prior to having friends buy/bring a plunger to said NYE at casa de Kennedy as a result of another friends' mishaps [how have we lived here over a year with no plunger?!]

I do not enjoy setting my alarm for 5am in the hopes [key word] of waking up, going to the gym, showering, and getting ready for work, and I do not enjoy being a crabby brat on the 2nd day of wedding year, I just don't.  this winter vacation was so insanely awesome that I am disappointed to see it go.  

We spent time with family + friends and had not one, but two Christmases to enjoy this year.  we hosted NYE2012 with some fabulous people.  we rang in 2013 and are now less than 200 days away from becoming Mr. + Mrs.

So why, oh why, must you be here now, today?  I wasn't ready by any means to give any of my freedom/relaxation up............  and I still have a few unwatched episodes of Homeland to go.  Not to mention, now that you're here, so is my "lifestyle makeover" round II.  

bigggggggg womp to that.

the before footage this go around is not pretty and I'm already so eager dreading my meals for the next 17 days, but I have convinced myself wearing my wedding dress, taking millions of pictures, and going on a honeymoon to Hawaii will be 10x better if I don't weigh as much as a small country.

So with that, today, the birds flipped to you.  clASSy or  not, we all feel this way I'm sure.


Wishing for the weekend.  

side note: hahahahaha - this, my friends, is what the aftermath of a confetti explosion at an apartment complex looks like...  it has since been vacuumed [yes, vacuumed] away.  

some people just cannot handle their NYEs, can they?
I'd love to meet the master behind this mishap.

linking up with Shanna for random Wednesday + you should, too.  


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, yes....I took out SO much trash and have done so much laundry this week.

I love this idea of a confetti explosion.

The Pink Growl said...

Love the glitter explosion! And love love love that picture of you guys - so cute! Happy New Year!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Our trash was epic this week.

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

Just found your blog from the Random Wednesday link up! woot woot! your post sounded a lot like everyone else's I'm sure - lots of trash to take out - oh and I love me some confetti! ha. excited to be your newest follower :)

Jenny said...

Found you through Random Wednesday! Cute blog.

Blue Dog Belle said...

I would love to wake up to a glitter explosion! So fun


Rachel said...

Hi there - found your blog through the link up. Can't wait to read more! Hope you're having a happy new year :)

Dani @ Inspire. Motivate. Love. said...

Loving the glitter! Haha. It's the exact reason we don't host parties like that at our house anymore...simply because I don't like cleaning them up.
Cheers to 2013! Sounds like it's going to be a whirlwind of a year for you :)

smk053078 said...

Girl....don't fret...you are FREAKING getting married!!!!!!!! Yahooooo!! And I want to be part of that glitter explosion!!!Oh yeah! Thanks so much for linking up again this week! Love ya!

Sheena Rae said...

Your get-together sounds so fun! It's my personal opinion that confetti should be everywhere all the time!

Dropping in from the link-up!

Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

Alisa Marie said...

haha - love that confetti explosion! The wedding will be here before you know it!

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