Friday, January 18, 2013

it's Friday !!

this is our 2nd full week of school since last year, and it was grueling to get through...  especially with a tease of a prospective snowmageddon that was supposed to produce 4-6" of snow, and instead produced less than 1 snowflake.  Thumbs down to that, and to those weathermen for making my students go nutzo over the idea of having a 4 day weekend, and lucky to those of you who actually got to see some of the snow.

However it's time to celebrate today so let's all give a big virtual



I've decided to link-up with Lauren this week, so here are my big high-5's:

1. Since January 2, 2013, I have lost 14.2lbs!!  And today is day #17, so I'm going onto cycle 2 (double high five to that!)

2. Eating healthier can actually taste good and has brought out some creativity in me :)  Greek yogurt + onion/garlic powder + salt = perfect veggie dip

3. It's a stinky picture, but I got the conair curling wand thing finally (I've used others' before) and it works wonders on my usually straight & stubborn hair

4. We're off to the slopes this weekend w/ the family...  and hope to have actual snow to greet us :)

5. I'm excited to meet all of Y-O-U through Lauren's link up - love new faces around these parts!

Hope your week was great!!

Have a safe & exciting 3 day weekend



Sami said...

You cute! You forgot to high five our snapchats ;) Have fun this weekend!! xoxox

Kristin Ackerman said...

great job on your weight loss!!! i'm in the same boat, it's been tough but i honestly don't even miss the junk! :) you're doing great!

Helene said...

you've lost 14 lbs in under 2 weeks?! isn't that not healthy?! hahah!
i need a new curling iron, might have to try that one out!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

14.5 lbs?! girl can you be my personal trainer/nutritionist after this baby girl comes?! have fun on the slopes!

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