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Thursday, July 11, 2013

When you're getting ready to get married, people tend to only focus on the positive and happy aspects of planning to spend the rest of your lives together.  They rarely mention the countless marriages that don't make it [and for good reason, I will say].  However, that is  a sad reality...  that sometimes things just don't work.  I've seen it, you've seen it, and in some ways, it has almost become the standard.  There are many people out there who make a mockery of the sacrament and get married to only turn around and fall to divorce when the times get "too hard."  This makes my heart so sad and makes me wonder how and why it became acceptable to just "give up" on something... 

However, I have thought this thing through and through and have played devil's advocate with myself as we prepare to walk down the aisle, and for as cheesy as it sounds, I just know in my core we will make it.  

I don't think it'll be happy always, and nor do I expect us to live this perfect life without struggle, but I believe in this thing we're about to do.  And I believe in it forever, which God willing, will be a loooooooooooooong time.  

I just want to put it out there so that when times do get tough, I can reflect on the here and now.  When I am weak and need something to remind me how and why my life is the way it is, and how and why I chose to have this guy as my partner in everything, this is just another place to turn.  

That smile.  Those dimples.  The eyes.
yes yes yes, my work here is done.

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Maggie B. said...

I hope you two can stay strong. Believe me when I say it can be harder then you ever imagine. A few years ago I nearly walked out on my marriage because things had gotten more difficult then I could imagine (at that time). But for the grace of God, we came through! And are happier and stronger then before. But I will say, not to be a downer or anything, but you'd be surprised of exactly what you can deal with before it becomes a problem - and then it quickly gets out of hand.

So I am sending happy thoughts your way as you prepare for marriage. And hoping that you never ever ever have to deal with the truly horrible stuff.


Rachel Cloutier said...

I'm getting so excited for you!! ahh!

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