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Friday, August 23, 2013

I woke up the morning of our wedding to a pounding headache, grey skies, and rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  I had a decision to make right then and there.  Much like a lot of other nuances that occurred throughout the week (i.e. last minute cancellations from guests, lack of quality from some cookie vendors upon order pick ups, and difficult contact with our videographer), this was another potential kink in the whole production.  However, much against my usual anal personality, I decided to smile and let it be.  There was only one thing that mattered on this day - and that was that I was going to be marrying the man of my dreams.  As long as he and I were together, all would be right in the world.

A couple of my bridesmaids, my mother, my little flower girls and I were in and out at the hair salon all morning getting our hair done.  By this point the weather had made it clear that it was going to just be poopie all day and I was finally at peace with it.  For some reason; however, once my hair was completed and my veil was placed on my head, my stomach began this little two step of excitement and nerves.  My sister showed up at the salon as I was on my way out to begin makeup with my other sister.  She brought with her a little surprise from Nick.  He sent over a bottle of champage with our engagement label placed on it and a picture of our two wedding bands side by side. A love note followed, and with that, the tears came pouring out.

Back at my grandparent's house it all started to hit me.  My stomach was tossing and turning; I couldn't eat, nor could I drink, and my poor sister had such a time with my makeup as every half hour I was running off to the bathroom.  It was kind of a strange reaction, but I was just so nervous...  I couldn't explain it, but it all just hit at once.  I was going to finally say, "I do," and enter into this whole new world of marriage.  It's strange to say, but it was just going to be so permanent.  I never wanted it any other way, but making this commitment wasn't something that I ever took lightly.  I believe in what we were going to do and wanted it to last a lifetime.

Hours before the transportation showed up we had girls everywhere.  Hair was being sprayed, mascara was being applied, and pouty lips were puckered up to be stained.  Dresses were being put on, pictures snapped, and bubbles sipped.  Amidst all the happy chaos, something special began to happen...  As if some answer to my prayers, the weather began to clear.  A grim day soon turned into the perfect partly cloudy sky with a cool breeze and 80 degree temperatures.  With that, I was ready to go.  

Some special moments took place in those hours before I became a Mrs.  There are two very significant traditions my family (on my dad's side) have established and I was able to be a part of, but those will come in a later post.  I also had the opportunity to do a "first look."  There was a catch; however...  rather than sharing this with Nick, we decided to be more traditional and await the moment in the church.  Instead, I shared a "first look" with my father; he had never seen the dress, and I was the first of his girls to be married.  It was so special and again, tears were shed.

Enjoy some of the following photos leading up to the wedding; all photos are courtesy of Blythe K Photography.

All prim and proper - ready to accompany me down the aisle :) 

Elsewhere, Nick and his groomsmen were looking dapper and excited to take on the day :)  To the right he is with his brother & best man, Bob.  

The nerves had started to subside a bit by this point...

Preparing the father/daughter first look

Love you, Dad.

My generous, loving, amazing, wonderful parents.

I was a flower girl in my Aunt's wedding back in 1998.  My sisters and I have a similar picture to this with my Aunt Lori, and thought it would be special to recapture this with her daughters on my wedding day.  

Incase you've missed it so far: Rehearsal Dinner | Details

Up next: from Miss to Mrs.
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Arielle said...

LOVE your pictures! so gorgeous:) Have a good weekend!

The Pink Growl said...

I loooooove this soooo much C! You are gorgeous! Stunning! Love your girls' dresses too.

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