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Monday, October 28, 2013

And just like that, I'm 25.  The weekend couldn't have been more perfect (except for the horrendous performance by the Penn State Nittany Lions and the sub par almost comeback my Steelers had for me on Sunday); it was extremely low key and full of all the things I love.

Friday we grabbed food and a redbox and were in bed by 10 o'clock.  We woke on Saturday and Nick took me to a local restaurant I've been itching to try for brunch.  My steak arugula omelet with sweet potato "home fries" were oh so good.  Naturally, we followed brunch up with some store hopping, which cooked up our appetite for the most delicious hard ice cream e v e r.  There were kids trick or treating downtown as we enjoyed our tasty treat and it was too funny; regardless of how much candy they had acquired, they all eyed our ice cream and immediately gave their parents the "oh pretty please" look.  I gave Nick the same look as I hinted at a nap, and he happily obliged.  After awaking, we showered and got ready to enjoy the best dinner.  If I were on death row (heaven forbid), this meal would be the one I'd chose to be my last.  We followed dinner up with a visit to our friends' new apartment; they just moved here from PA and we're so so excited!  Sunday we awoke, dressed, and went to Church, then grabbed a quick bite at Wegmans and did a little grocery shopping.  My parents came for the afternoon, and we closed the evening with an almost-impromptu-booking to Italy via Groupon.  Figured we'd better wait on that one for now...  Here are some highlights via photo:

Clockwise from top left:
1.  It was quite chilly in our home.  I hate to be chincy, but we had hardly been home and I was hoping the weather would turn a little warmer.  I lost the battle on Friday & we finally kicked the heat into full gear for the winter, 2013 season.  
2.  We got birthday cupcakes from one of Nick's coworkers from a local bakery & they were
3.  A tall glass of sav. blanc (with ice cubes since it wasn't fully chilled yet) was poured and ready to drink with hubs, a fire, and Iron Man 3 on redbox.
4.  A fresh new gel manicure was a must for birthday weekend.  Loving this oxblood red color; so perfect for fall!  
Clockwise from top left:
5.  Grapefruit mimosa with a sugar rim in a mason jar to kick start my 25th.  mmmm.
6.  My omelet and potatoes were gone lickety-split.
7.  My two dozen red roses from hubs.  He was even thrifty and found them at Costco :)  Equally as beautiful at less than half the cost of a florist arrangement.
8.  THE dinner.  Surf n' turf with an applewood bacon wrapped filet and wood fire grilled lobster tail.  I will have dreams of this meal for all of life...  and no matter how full I was, the only thing left on my plate was the (still delicious) mashed potatoes.  
And now that 10/26 has come and gone, snow is more than welcome to grace us with it's presence at any time.  Happy Monday~!

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Katie said...

happy happy birthday friend! :) glad you had a good weekend!!!

Sean@HisAndHerHobbies said...

Stopping by for the weekend Shenanigans. Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend!

Laura said...

Happy birthday Christina!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

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