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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It should come as no surprise after binging on whatever I wanted since the honeymoon that it was time to get my ish together (again).  Because of this, Nick and I have kicked off another round of the 'ol lifestyle makeover...  11 days in, and we are still going strong.  Neither of us has unrealistic expectations of what our bodies should look like/where we should be weight wise, buttttttttt neither of us is realistically where we need to be quite yet.  

One of the hardest things about living a healthy lifestyle (in my opinion) is eating correctly.  It is far more convenient to grab-and-go, eat out, or prepare a pasta dish; however, after the use of My Fitness Pal on the daily, we quickly realize how and what we're really putting into our bodies.  Because of this, we have been trying to plan ahead and create meals that resemble the fatty, delicious options we usually retort to with less fat and calories.  We tend to have differing taste preferences, so it's difficult to find meals we both enjoy, but here are the big go-tos we've been sticking with:

Turkey Meatloaf w/ green beans (recipe here)

Eggplant Parm w/ Spaghetti Squash

Chicken stir fry (sans ramen/rice/etc.!!)  

Scallops & shrimp in lemon garlic sauce with broccoli

Turkey tenderloin with various veggies in the crock pot

Lettuce wrap turkey tacos

Sushi (especially California tuna or California salmon w/ brown rice mmm)

Chili's LC 6oz. sirloin
And varieties of shakes (favorite combo so far includes spinach, some form of berry, coconut water, peanut butter powder, & some form of citrus).  The shakes usually aren't dinner; however, if there's nothing else that'll curb the cravings (and/or if we've had large lunches), this usually helps a bit :) 

What in the world are some recipes that you've enjoyed (low fat/low cal only, please)?!
I've already heard from Angela about some cauliflower fried rice & cauliflower pizza crust that I'm going to have to try out, and would love to add more to the list :) 

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Kait said...

I've heard amazing things about that cauliflower rice!! You can do it girl--it helps that you look fabulous already! XO

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