Snow Day... AGAIN.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I am well aware at this point that I sound like a broken record.  Snow day(s) - shortened work week - repeat.  I mean, I cannot make this stuff up, people, we are easily in the mid teens as far as days off are concerned and we're not totally certain if we'll be back tomorrow or not.  It's making me go stir crazy.  Thank goodness Nick and I like each other :)

I've been living vicariously through my parents updates as they're off enjoying their 25th anniversary (even though it'll be their 26th in May) on a week-long Caribbean cruise, but that'll only do so much for me.  I've also been keeping busy by making it through FOUR seasons of sons of anarchy.  Season 5 is likely going to be a thing of the past by the end of the day.  Am I embarrassed/ashamed?  I'll let you be the judge of that.  (aka, nope).  

I've also mastered the art of the selfie...  Or not...  but I have been practicing with all this free time.  #productivity

Other things I've/we've officially accomplished: 
1.  Shoveling our driveway & breaking through the 1/4 inch of ice that covered the entire drive.
2.  Watching a car get towed out of the ditch across the street after veering off the road.
3.  Getting over halfway through The Husband's Secret & working on finishing it.
4.  Deleting/updating my Pinterest boards.
5.  Fix our alarm system on our house; it was going bonkers on it's own and was not pleasant to deal with/listen to until Nick fixed it! 
6. Making a wreath for our front door (more pictures of that to come tomorrow!)

and 7.  Giving up winter for lent.  It's decided.  Happy Fat Tuesday!  

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