Spring Break 2014 | part 2

Friday, May 02, 2014

Can I get a "heck yes" to making it through a full work week after a week-long vacation!?  It's never easy transitioning back into the swing of "real life" after being catered to hand and foot, but it must be done.  I must say the week didn't drag on as I had worried, and I'm happy to report that I only have 32 work days left until summer, 2014.  It's been such a whirlwind of a year, but reflections on the school year will come at a later time.  For now, let's get to part 2 of our spring break trip, shall we?

I introduce to you first Philipsburg, St. Maarten.  So much yes to this island I can't even stand it.  Nick and I did the old fashioned touristy thing along Front Street by finding the best deal on two chairs & an umbrella, wifi, & a bucket of coronas we could.  Although there were plenty of other beaches we had heard were must-sees (i.e. Orient Beach & Airport Beach), we decided to forgo them for a first-row seat near the ship with the promise to one another to return at a later time in life.  

Everything about this day was amazing; the weather was perfection, the water was not only a beautiful blue but was also just the right temperature, and the coronas were flowing rather smoothly.  Not to mention, we were shaded by a happy umbrella and I was in the company of the hottest hunk on the beach.  

The hospitality was second to none; everyone was looking to show us a great time and persuade us to return again someday.  I was even convinced (twist my arm, I tell ya) to have a beachside aloe leg/foot massage that afternoon.  Perfection.  

Not only that, we're fortunate that we were able to document both pictures of the scenery, and us enjoying ourselves :)  I'm sure we're not the only ones who have noticed, but it is extremely hard to take quality pictures of you and your significant other when you're the only two in your "party" on vacation.  Fortunately we made friends with our neighbors on the ship and had them snap a picture or two of us.  Thank you St. Maarten for showing us a good time, and thank you Canadian family on vacation for being such good company and for helping us preserve this memory.  

After St. Maarten we had two more days at sea.  We spent this time readjusting to the idea of returning to the real world while sitting poolside and soaking up every last ray of sunshine possible.  I convinced myself I had a lot of making up to do for all the vitamin D deficiencies I suffered this horrendous winter; however, we were both very sun smart.  We constantly lathered up the SPF, wore our sunnies, and utilized hats and towels to shade/cover ourselves from overexposure.  Note to future me: you're welcome.  

It was absolutely necessary one of our last days that we awake before the crack of dawn and enjoy the sunrise, and return the same evening to capture the sunset.  They were each breathtaking.  We were lucky to bump into someone who kindly took a picture of us enjoying said gorgeous sunset.  Again, I was grateful we could freeze this memory forever as both the sunset this evening and Nick blew me away.    

I am so grateful that we were able to take time away for just the two of us.  Although we aren't "struggling" or in a place where we needed an escape, it certainly is nice to set a strong foundation for our relationship to build upon into the future.  We are both aware that very soon other responsibilities will begin to take their tole, and we treasure every fleeting moment of freedom we have.  Let me reassure you we are not currently trying to start a family; however, with homeownership and grad school in our futures, this trip was a special treat before chaos ensues.  I love you, Nick.  I had the best time with you & can't wait for all of our adventures to come.  

p.s., what do you think about the Bahamas, Hawaii, or Jamaica for spring break 2015?  #agirlcandream

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Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Oh I want to be there right now!!! I vote Hawaii. We went there on our honeymoon and I want to go back!

Anonymous said...

We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon... AMAZING. It will be life changing for sure. Hubby and I are planning a cruise for next year though... my third! Super excited. Loved your pics!

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

I totally know what you mean about getting away just the two of you - I'm so glad you two got to do that! It is great that you are cherishing those moments too... who knows how long this stage of life may last and it's important to appreciate the time we have! Love that last photo of you and Nick :)

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