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Friday, June 06, 2014

 Hi, friends!  It's been a rocky ride these past few weeks of school (see: here and here), but I can finally see summer vacation on the horizon.  T-8 days (including workdays & graduation) until I'm a free agent until the end of August.  We've just gotten through state testing, and although it was the most stressful few days of testing I think I'll ever experience, I'm happy to say that 96% of my kids passed with flying colors.  The other 4% had extenuating circumstances and were likely already repeating the class for the 2014-2015 school year.  Overall, not too shabby. 
Even though we've all been at odds with one another these past couple weeks, being able to tell a student their hard work has paid off and hear them say, "thank you so much for helping me to get here" makes it all worth while.  I've even had students coming out of the woodwork joking with me, leaving friendly loving notes on my boards, and saying that they'll even miss me (gasp!).  Who knew that mean 'ol Mrs. K would wind up being half decent after all?  They aren't awful kids, but this has been a very trying year and I'm happy we can end it on a positive note.

As I break down my room and reflect, I can't help but think ahead to next year.  I know, I know, I've been longing for summer vacation practically since October, but I'm still curious to see who is going to fill these desks in the fall.  I find myself wondering if my current students will come to visit me, will my graduating seniors go off to college and be successful, and what in the world will I be teaching next year?  So many unanswered questions, and so much to look forward to. 

Looking back, it certainly was an uphill battle.  I was very spoiled last year with the groups of students I taught as everything seemed to flow naturally.  This year, some of my students were harder to get through to; their wall was built up much higher and stronger and took every ounce of me to knock down.  It didn't help that we missed 16+ days of school due to weather.  It didn't help that teacher morale has been low due to budget issues.  It didn't help that our county has introduced "bring your own technology" (i.e., you are allowed to have your cell phones for "educational purposes," but really all you want to do is text and instagram all day).  And it certainly didn't help that geometry is predominately everyone's least favorite math class.  But we did it.  Somehow.  3 years down, 27 to go.

Anyway, I originally came here today to introduce our little ball of furry fluff, but she'll get her intro Monday, instead.  Trust me, she's worth the wait.  Enjoy your weekend!  We sure will :) 

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