Thursday, July 09, 2015

Hello, friends.  That right above there is one blurry and drooly pup in the background eyeing up my mom's homemade pupalicious dog bone.  Penny was pretty peeved that I snapped a few photos before letting her indulge in this delicious doggy treat, but she got over it quickly as she devoured every bite of this bone.

My mom has been in a baking mood as of late; mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, and pup-cakes galore.  I must say, as a beneficiary of some of these yummy goodies, I can't complain (and neither can Penny).  I'm in awe at how cute everything of hers turns out; when I attempt puppy biscuits or a new pastry recipe, I'll be darned if it doesn't look lopsided or crumbly!!  Not only has she perfected these treats, but she has them all wrapped up in pretty packaging with a perfectly tied bow and information card to boot.  My daring goal for this summer is to create pupsicles (w/ frozen yogurt + berries) ..  I just haven't sought out the molds yet, but don't think those could be messed up easily, right?  Any time my mom's creativity gene wants to kick in, I'm all for it :)  In the meantime, I'll just marvel at her talents as Penny & I indulge ourselves.  

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