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Monday, August 07, 2017

Is. this. thing. on?!  

I seriously searched "blogger" and hit the login button and wasn't sure what I was going to come back to...  I find myself neglecting this blog year in and year out; however, I greatly enjoy looking back at all the memories I have had since this little side hobby of mine got started.  There are so many things that have gone on in our lives since the last update, and many many things that I am not interested in documenting (for now); however, it feels almost cathartic to "check in" and reminisce about the summer.  I don't want to come across as ominous or as if I'm withholding some deep dark secret, but I am interested in focusing on positive memories at this juncture :)

Rewinding back to May makes me think of how overwhelming the 2016-2017 school year was for me.  May was the first month that I truly saw the light at the end of the tunnel and knew that even though I struggled to get by, I was going to make it!!  A couple mini getaways didn't hurt, either...!

First up, I was so so lucky to be reunited with my best friends from college in Pittsburgh.  We are in such different walks of life right now with our careers, spouses, families, etc., so it's so nice that we set aside at least one weekend a year to get together.  The neat thing is, all of our spouses really get along so we all make the trip together to wherever the destination may be.  It cracks me up, though, because when we first get together it's almost like a middle school dance; the guys leave to go golfing, hang out by the fire pit, etc., where the girls split off to catch up and gossip about all the comings and goings in our lives!  

We then celebrated Memorial Day Weekend with Nick's family and spent 4 days on the lake.  I was coming off of a nasty sinus infection, so I wasn't 100% (and you could hardly understand what I was saying in my frog voice haha), but it was a great pick-me-up.  It's another circumstance where we're all over the place (then: Texas, VA, PA), so being intentional about meeting up for holidays and then at least for one getaway a year is so special.  Everything was so much fun, but seeing our nephew was our favorite part!  Fishing, boating, swimming - he loved it all.

June quieted down a little with the travel (we still had work until June 20; then I returned to work a week later for a few days to end out the month), but in July we traveled to celebrate my mom's birthday, a housewarming party for close friends of ours, BOSTON (Finally!!  A post dedicated to our trip is on the horizon...), and the wedding of my college roommate amidst working part-time summer school.

Now we're counting down the days until my sister graduates from Penn State and moves within an hour of us!!!!  I am so so excited that both of my sisters are drivable within an hour (ish - thank you so so much interstate traffic UGH) and love that they are in good places with their careers and their love lives ;)  It is a little bittersweet that the youngest Marino daughter is graduating; however, because this will be the first time in 11+ years that I didn't have a free place to stay on college football weekends!!  The end of an era, I tell ya...!  

We're also willing the last few weeks of August to go nice and slow because the kiddos come back to class right after Labor Day.  No major plans to wrap up the summer for now - maybe a couple little house projects to keep us busy.  

Thanks for stopping by + get ready for a Boston recap... coming soon!  

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