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Friday, August 12, 2011

I am so excited to turn the page to a new chapter of my life.  After moving between Penn State and home for four-and-a-half-years, then between Maryland and home more recently, I'm ready to find my own home and finally settle.  I'm excited to take on the challenge of having my own classroom for an entire school year, meet new people, and have new experiences.  I can't wait to have my table and chairs delivered Saturday and have my cable and internet installed.  I'm anxiously awaiting using my guest room for the first time, and can't wait to put my new kitchen utensils to use on (hopefully) delicious entrees and baked goods.  However, with all this excitement, I can't help but look around my house and think about all the things I'll miss.  

When you leave your parents house for the first time there's usually a sense of excitement and eagerness as you await moving on with your life.  You feel like a true adult, and if you were me, living in supplemental housing in a bunk bed with 4 other girls sounded like heaven.  However, after the novelties of cafeteria food, not having a car, and dorm life wear off, you begin to miss your queen sized bed in your own room with a homemade dinner waiting for you.  When you move out of your parents home for the second and third times, you begin to realize that there's a part of you that will miss these luxuries, but you begin to accommodate in your own home.  You learn to do the laundry, try out a few recipes, and get overly excited when you make your first furniture purchase (even if it it's only a Target bookshelf or a Craig's List used desk).  At this point in time you find ways to distinguish "my apartment at school" versus "home," and yearn for the other when you're not there.  When you move out of your parents house for the 5th, 6th, or 7th time, you feel ready to go, and your parents are equally as eager.  However, this time, you know it's your last.  

I'm lucky to only be moving 2 hours away from my parents, but I have to admit I feel like I'm breaking up with them in a way.  Sure, this might make me sound like a bit of a homebody, but I think it also what makes me human.  With that said, I'll be a big girl, but no matter how many "homey" touches I put into my new apartment nothing will replace the following home-made memories:

My dad's quirks - especially these dryer sheets that were meticulously placed in the vent of the vacuum as to provide a pleasant aroma while vacuuming rather than the smell of burning hair or dirt.  

Our lovely kitchen decorations that have inspired my sister and I to eat less and exercise more (even though we eat equally as much as before).  Marissa, Adrianna, and Alessandra I'll miss you... sort of. 

Homemade dinners courtesy of my parents as well as my sisters.  My hips won't miss these dinners, but my taste buds might given my success in the kitchen is limited.  

My loving baby angel faced puppy, Mia Bug.  That wagging tail, the grinch fur feet, the lioness mane, the goofy wimpering sounds she makes, and her constant need for attention will be greatly missed.

Snuggling, goofing off, hugging, and being crazy with my siblings, especially this one (even though I love the other two equally as much - they just aren't as touchy feely as we are... think Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian as us two and Kim & Rob as my other sister and brother)

And most of all,
my wild, gorgeous, ridiculous, dramatic, loving, crazy, caring, and all-around-amazing family.

As I said before, I'm excited for my new challenges and to begin life anew, but there's no place like home.


Mike and Roseann said...

I am looking for your e-mail address to send you something and got sidetracked by your blog of course! :) Didn't catch this post before, but it is so amazing to read. I hope to provide the same feeling of love, support and security with my boys as your parents have provided you! Very touching!

C.Ro. said...

Thanks so much!!! email is!! I'm glad you're enjoying the posts - it's relaxing to "journal" every so often and I really did/do miss them. I know the boys will feel the same way, they just might not openly admit it at first (I certainly didn't when I first went to PSU), but we all love and miss and appreciate our parents 100x more when we grow up! xxoo

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