My Laughs: Personal Experience With Murphy's Laws

Thursday, September 01, 2011

You will run out of toilet paper when you look to use it.  The next roll with either be in another room, or waiting to be purchased at the grocery store.

You will get your car washed, then a bird will poop on it or it will begin to rain.

Your cell phone battery will die when you are either in the middle of an important call, or when you are expecting one.  

Your team will win if you turn down a bet.

You will finally decide to take something out of your car (i.e. umbrella, jacket, etc.), and will need it the next day.

Your cable will begin to work immediately after calling in and putting in a maintenance request.  It will stop working immediately after you cancel the initial request.  

You will get somewhere late after grabbing breakfast, only to find out breakfast is being served where you're headed.  

You will proofread an entire packet, only to find one more mistake immediately after hitting "send" or "print."

Your mosquito bite won't itch all day... until you sit down to relax or try to go to sleep.  

You will write a whole post on Murphy's Laws, hit publish post, and an error will occur.  You will go back into the saved drafts only to realize it didn't save anything.  (This is not a joke)

I'm super happy that I wrote this post, because I'm not kidding when I say that the entire thing was deleted the first time I wrote it.  How perfect for today :)  Please do not take this post as a negative "Debbie Downer" post, but rather my attempt at being witty and admitting to some of life's ironies.  Happy Thursday to all!

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