My Life: Compromises for the one you Love

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living with a significant other is still somewhat faux pas, but is becoming more acceptable in the 21st century.  In my family; however, it isn't considered the "traditional" path, but they have been supportive of my decision to move in with my boyfriend.  The good news is, he comes from a similar background to mine and it wasn't hard for my parents to see that it wouldn't be the end of the world.  However, for a few brief minutes here and there, living together becomes the end of mine.

Nick and I try to decorate, grocery shop, clean, and cook together, as we also share TV time as well as take turns venting or bragging about our experiences at work.  We have a routine that works pretty well, but this has become somewhat of a tedious task when one of us feels strongly about something.  We are both hard headed and have had to learn to compromise on a lot of things.  I honestly think that if we can make it through our first year of working and living together, we can make it through anything.

Some of the following were shocking things that I never knew I'd have to compromise about:

- Pasta brand (Barilla is Nick's choice; I usually grab Wegman's brand everything because it's cheaper and just as reliable)
- Bed time/wake up time (especially being on different work schedules)
- Who gets to talk on the phone in the living room while the other has to go into a bedroom
- Decorating colors and styles (my neutrals got a little old for him after I tried to use them in every room of the apartment so he put his foot down)
- Grocery shopping styles (I like to go up and down every aisle, he likes to skip to the ones he knows he needs to be in)
- Placemat patterns and style preferences (his were more formal; mine more everyday)
- Candle scents (fruity versus fresh)

And some of the more shocking are yet to even come!  In the farrrrrrrrrrr future, we will have to deal with wedding planning, dog breeds, and baby names!  I'd say this experience is a good crash course on how to live with (and still like and love) your significant other.  Hope we make it through!  I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.  Since we still share the most important things in common (love for family, friends, Penn State, our jobs, and each other) I think we'll make it.  Fingers crossed :)

P.S., I love you Mouse

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