Don't Get Chincy!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Nick & I took a mini-vacation to his hometown over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We were greeted with hugs, treats, and delicious meals all week long.  Nothing can top the eggplant lasagna found at their local Italian eatery, and the homemade chocolate from the chocolatier nearby.  The late nights of card games and mornings filled with coffee and homemade breakfast were also amongst some of my favorite memories.  We are literally spoiled rotten (and love every minute of it) when we go back home; however, according to Nick, one thing wasn't up to par during this visit.  The inspiration for my don't get chincy post comes from Nick's anguish upon arriving home to toilet paper that was not Charmin.  

This might sound utterly ridiculous (as it still was soft, and 2-ply), but Nick is very particular about certain things in his life.  According to Nick's-view-on-life, the Cowboys are America's team (sorry Redskins fans), the 4th of July is almost best holiday of the year (second to Thanksgiving), and blowing your nose on anything other than Charmin is not up to standard.  With that, I came up with a mini-list of things you should never chince out on.  Hope you enjoy:
  1. Toilet paper: Although not the case in Nick & my visit home, there’s nothing worse than a 1-ply roll of sandpaper masquerading around as “toilet paper.”  One word: Ouch.  Charmin or bust.  
  2. Deodorant:  Upon coming up with these ideas, I "interviewed" Nick, and 2nd to toilet paper came deoderant.  With all the options out there, it's hard to be cheap with your deodorant, but it is much safer to take the route of Secret, Dove, etc.  According to Nick, “Never get generic deodorant…there would be nothing more embarrassing than being the smelly person."  So eloquently put that I dare not say much more.  
  3. Haircuts:  This might come as a bit of a shock to people who have not moved in their life, or who's mother or father or aunt owns a hair salon, but finding a good hair stylist can sometimes be as easy as figuring out a multivariable calculus problem.  If you just so happen to move, don't settle upon strolling into your nearby barber or hair salon for a "trial run" unless you don't have any sort of public obligations or upcoming pictures.  Again, this one was inspired by Nick who learned the hard way that you could go in with a head of hair, and come out with a 2-blade-buzz.
  4. Where you live:  This is one of the more obvious things to not be chincy with; we did some substantial research on our surrounding areas before moving here, and I couldn't be more thrilled that we picked where we did.  Although it is not perfect, and although it is on the upper end of our comfortable price range, I always feel safe, and can always get things taken care of when needed.  Where you live is sometimes your haven if you've had a rough day, and there couldn't be much worse than hating to come home.  
  5. Mattresses: Never ever chince out on the opportunity to grant yourself the best night's sleep possible.  This includes spending as much as you can afford on the best mattress, mattress pad, puff-a-lump (what I refer to down or down alternative mattress covers as), and cozy "heaven" pillows.  This makes me want to crawl right into bed right now... mmm.
  6. Your internet & cell phone service providers/packages: In the 21st century we are codependent upon technology.  If your provider is constantly dropping service, you may cause yourself far more stress than saving the extra few dollars a month may be worth.  You may also miss out on important opportunities or life events that can be shared because we have such a technologically advanced society.
  7. Wine: I am an avid wine lover, but you should never settle for the $5.00 special unless you’re really desperate (confession: I’ve found myself there before).  Wine is meant to stimulate your taste buds and tickle your nose… It’s not meant to leave you with a piercing headache, and will undoubtedly do such if you chince out on it.  If you're deciding on a nice dinner and want to accompany it with a glass of wine, don't settle for Funky Llama (although, again, I have found myself there).  
Although I'm a little bit anal retentive and hate to leave a list on an odd/strange number, this is what I've come up with.  What other things shouldn't you be chincy on?  I have to be honest, when I can, I'm the generic queen (especially if Wegmans or Target offer an equivalent product), but I especially stray away from being chincy with these 7-wonders-of-the-nonchincy-world.  Hope you get a giggle!

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