Personal Experience with Murphy's Laws - Part Two

Friday, December 02, 2011

Perhaps at this point it is unfair to refer to these as “Murphy’s Laws;” rather I should refer to them as a string of dumb (bad) luck, but in the past few weeks since my original post, I have been noticing more to add to the list.  Here are some more of life’s little “argh” moments to give you a giggle:

When you are stuck in traffic, you will undoubtedly be in the lane that is not moving.  Upon switching into a different lane, it will become the one that is stopped.

If you re-route your GPS to take a detour around traffic, it will take much more time than the original traffic risk would have taken.  (Ask Nick – heehee)

You will get a slew of e-mails, texts, and/or phone calls when you finally hop into bed for the night.

You (and everyone/thing around you) will accidentally bump an injured part of your body 100x more now that it is injured.

You’re phone will drop a call when your sessions of phone tag have finally ended… Only to kick them off again.

You’ll be craving last night’s leftovers for an after work snack… but soon realize so was your roommate. 

You’ll get someone all gung-ho about an idea (to deter them from something you weren’t originally interested in), only to realize the new idea is more of a pain/more difficult than the original. 

Microwaves have an uncanny ability to overcook part of your food, while leaving the other part frozen… I swear this happens at least once a week at work!

If you give someone permission to “take it easy” and not give the day their all, they suddenly become more motivated than ever (as seen in my students the other day – a great and unexpected surprise!)

Time passes by 100x quicker during a break and/or lunchtime than during actual “work” hours, and can sometimes drag on when the work resumes.

I'm on the look out for more instances of Murphy in my life... stay tuned for part 3, as I'm sure it will be coming soon!

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Laura said...

This is too funny! I agree wholeheartedly... Murphy makes himself known quite often in my life too, you are not the only one!

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