Craft Night!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thist was a rough week, let me tell you!!  Our household was full of icky flu bugs that have finally passed along to the next unsuspecting (and unfortunate) home.  It's never fun to have to take a day off of work, but the nice weather & the fact that tomorrow is Friday certainly helped me pull through.  The other thing that helped was having our monthly craft night :)  I was the host this month (and just getting over the flu yesterday made that oh-so-ironic!!), and had a wonderful time.  We made Easter Chicks via a Pinterest post off of Myrtle and Eunice's website, and they turned out adorably (which, until just now, I didn't realize was a "real" word).

The instructions are pretty self-explanatory so check it out & enjoy making your own little guys!  The more you make, the more personality & spunk they suddenly have...  I'm a traditionalist and stuck to yellow shades; however, others were more creative with their color choices and they turned out phenomenally!

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