Lifestyle Makeover: Losing Track of Time

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So, apparently today is day 57 of my lifestyle makeover & I haven't felt this good in longer than I can remember.  At this point in time, I'm technically in the "arrive" cycle (WOW!), and have come to the end of the process.  However, as each day ticks by, I've grown accustomed to maintaining a regiment similar to that in the first two phases.  I have begun to indulge more (enjoyed some DELICIOUS home made guacamole & salsa with chips the other night for dinner... with a Dos Equis w/ lime mmm), but maintain a level of restriction.  I have a range for myself - if I step on the scale and I've gained more than a pound (only has happened once throughout the 57 days), I really revisit what put me there, and focus on how to get back on track.  It's almost a game I play with myself - how can I continue to lose weight healthily and still live a practical lifestyle.

By this point in time, I have entered into the 30lbs+ weight loss group and feel so proud of this accomplishment.  Sure, the weight isn't falling off as quickly as it did within those first few weeks, but to continue to see such results is baffling.  People comment on my change in appearance and my overall demeanor and I am proud to say that I have dropped 2+ pants sizes...  (Not quite to that 3rd drop yet, but just teetering on the edge there).  Looking back, I don't know how I ever got to where I was, but living and reflecting through this process shows me that I don't ever have to go back if I keep focus.

Nick has been a real sweetheart during this process, and I cannot give him enough accolades for this.  He knows how and when to comment and how and when not to.  He knows how hard this process was for me, but also has the guts to put me in my place if I lose my focus.  He truly is my rock and I can't wait to be his skinnier/healthier arm candy for the rest of our lives :)  

With all that, here are some more goals I have by July 22 (a date of whose significance I'll share in a different post at a later time):

1. Lose an additional 10-12lbs.
2. Drop that 3rd pants size
3. Put some additional tone to my arms (won't reach final goal until July, 2013 with this one)
4. Attend the gym or do some physical activity 3x/week
5. Discover/create 1 new healthy and delicious recipe/week that both Nick & I enjoy

So far I've achieved a lot of which I've set forth, but with the summer and it's impending laziness, I'm curious/nervous to see if I can do it.  

Can you tell a difference?

More to come...


Laura said...

Wow Christina - that is incredible!! 30+ lbs???? You are so dedicated and it's inspiring! I am so impressed with how you've stuck to your diet so strictly! I definitely see a difference - your face is thinner and healthier-looking. Proud of you girl!!

Christina @My Life, Laughs, and Love said...

Thank you thank you thank you!! I appreciate all the support :) Lots more to go & excited to reach my goal someday! Stay tuned hee hee!

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