A Little Insta-Update

Monday, June 18, 2012

Instagram is so perfect for capturing those random memories at a moments whim.  I have also become addicted to the photo-a-day challenges (courtesy of fat mum slim), and thus Instagram on the daily.  Here's my life in Insta-recap over the past couple weeks:

1. On your plate [a lot on my plate]
2. Close up [cherries]
3. Sign [I-95]
4. Hat [baseball cap & baubles]
5. Drink [beer in a wine glass... don't judge]
6. Summertime means perfect polished piggies
7. From a low angle [at a coffee shop w/ melissa]
8. The time [bed table clock]
9. Morgan the corgi
10. Silly superlatives for Math department at work
11. Yellow [lemon water w/ vodka]
12. By candlelight.  Just because.
13. Bonding with Fi - Nintendo & Nintendo 64
14. What I wore - lunch date w/ Fi at Outback
15. In your bag part 1 [preparing for fun in the sun] 
16. In your bag part 2 [bringing beverages to share]

It's been busy and hectic with the end-of-the-year wrapping up, but it's nice that we were able to take a couple minutes here and there to reflect on fun memories and make more amidst our busy lives.  More to come!  [pssst - follow me in Instagram here]

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Amy Powell said...

yum those cherries! love fresh cherries so much.

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