weekend update: family fun

Monday, July 23, 2012

can I start off by saying that I am having major RJ withdrawal right now...  you would, too if you got to spend a week with this little peanut:

gah!  he is so darn cute.  I hate that he {and his beautiful mommy + daddy} live in TX and we only get to see them on special occasions, but already have my calendar marked for their next scheduled visit in July, 2013.  hopefully we'll get together sooner, but we'll see!

so back to the week(end) update:
we drove up to see baby & family on tuesday and had a fun-filled week that went by all too quickly {don't the fun ones always go by fast?  how is that even fair?}

|1| we went golfing {yes - even I hit a few balls & will be making another appearance sometime soon}
|2| a big family get-together was in order with beautiful weather and N, RJ, + I had to snag a picture together
|3| my buddy and I at the cook out - such a precious little 2-year-old {sad I didn't get one with his brother!}
|4| cousins :) love these girls {and boys, too}

|5| beautiful grandma & baby having a good time ;)
|6| a little hot tub bonding time with "potions"
|7| family photo op 
|8| godfather // godson bonding moment

we also had my 2 sisters up to visit & took engagement pictures with Blythe.  more to come on those updates another time!!  

hope your weekend was as fun as mine - and maybe even as long as mine was, too... we certainly didn't complain about the 6-day-weekend, that's for sure!

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What an awesome weekend! There's nothing better than getting to spend time with family. And I'm loving that dress and necklace!!

Thanks for linking up with us :)

Kimberlee said...

Aw my nephews live in California and I'm in New York. I feel ya!

P.S. Not to sound creepy but your deck & jacuzzi look exactly like my parents in New Jersey! haha

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