Lifestyle Makeover: Saving Graces

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Let's all be honest with ourselves for just a second here - diet + exercising is not easy.  Sure, sure, you can get that kick-in-the-butt and be motivated for a week or two, but to turn it into a lifestyle change, it takes much more commitment and creativity.  The following have been my saving graces to maintain the changes I've made thus far:

1.  sugarfree gum.  I have an oral fixation (get your mind out of the gutter, people!), so sugarfree gum is a much safer way to chew on something // occupy that need.  It's also good between snack time + meal time to trick my brain into thinking I'm eating something and thus still full.  This whole "lifestyle makeover" is a mind game for sure!

2.  the scale. The scale has become my best friend.  Call me ridiculous, but I step on the scale first thing each + every day after going to the bathroom.  I then write down my weight and analyze what I did the day(s) prior to reach what I see that day.  For example, it's a good self-check if I see a minor weight gain (1-2lbs) and helps me to knock the gain before it becomes permanent, or is a motivational factor to continue what I did the day before if I see weight loss.

3.  the support system. I don't know about you, but I can't do hardly anything without the support of my family.  They have made this process 100x easier!  Find someone(s) to participate with you + keep you in check - Nick's aunt and I would call each other at least 1x/week when we first began to share our progress.  I find that the more people that I "checked in" with, the more likely I was to continue -- I felt as though I was no longer answering to myself, but had something to show to each of them.  It also helps to have immediate family members on board - Nick even gave up pasta temporarily for me when I first started!  What . A . Guy ;)

4.  h2o.  Load up, people!  Water has been my ultimate saving grace - I find my skin is clearer and smoother, I feel better, and I'm fuller longer.  I'm also not bloated!!  People have said not to drink your calories and I agree - save those extra buggers for things that are more worthwhile (i.e., that froyo you've been craving!)  Always have bottles ready to take on-the-go and bring more than you'd ever imagine you'd drink - trust me, you'll drink them if they're there for you!

5.  skinny cow deserts. Let's be honest, it is not realistic to imagine a lifestyle makeover without incorporating something to satisfy the sweet tooth.  Although sugarfree Jell-o is usually my go-to, sometimes that just isn't enough.  In moments of weakness, skinny cow has been my brand - everything is perfectly portioned and something about the name makes you feel just a teeny bit less guilty ((but be careful - too much of anything totally negates the original purpose!!  don't be loading up on 2-3 deserts; they portion them for a reason))

6.  a purpose. I hate that it took me so long to kick-start this makeover, but the moment Nick proposed I knew I wanted to get my butt in gear to be a piece of arm candy for my mans come our wedding day!!  I hope that even post-wedding I'll still be motivated to stay fit + healthy for myself and my family :)  It has made the situation that much easier having goals in mind - whether it's to look great for Spring Break, feel good for an upcoming event, or know you're doing something that you're future self will thank you for, find you motivating factor.  Give yourself a reason to look + feel better!

What motivates YOU to get through diet + exercise?
More to come... ;)

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The Pink Growl said...

Love this!! I agree with them all! I'm not a natural water drinker so this has definitely been the hardest thing for me - oh yeah besides controlling my portions - in weight loss. I bought a 24 oz tumbler that I keep in my office and drink 4 of those per day. It helps soooo much and makes me feel full.

Amie Dirkschneider said...

Christina - I found your blog through the Healthy Link Up! I think its great you are trying to diet and exercise. I agree that it is not easy! I think the biggest motivation for me is seeing you and others like you who are working hard and looking great and it makes me want to do the same so I can improve my fitness and my body! Keep up the hard work!

If you want, you can follow me at:

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Love skinny cow desserts. These are all great ideas. I always thought that chewing gum made you feel more hungry? Because it gets your stomach acid working? But maybe that's just what my high school science teacher told us to get us to stop chewing it in class!

Holly said...

Amen to your entire post! The gum habit, the water, and especially the skinny cows. I'm so happy that I found your blog... I've bookedmarked it so I can come back and follow tonight when I'm not on my work computer. :)

smk053078 said...

Such a great list of reminders and helpful tips! I am sooooo bad about not drinking enough water! I have to make myself drink it. I am a Dt. Dr. Pepper addict. Keep it up, lady!!

Laura {RealHomeLiving} said...

I LOVE the new Skinny Cow desserts! Just discovered them in the grocery store the other week, and I'm so thankful! It's nice to know that there is a little bit you can have without being "bad" or giving up on your diet. So proud of you for your dedication!!

Cortney said...

I use to only drink dr pepper (ridiculous) then I switched to only drinking water and you are right there is SUCH a difference. My skin appreciates it lol!

Bre said...

Just a tip on the sugar-free gum thing, I have read a few different places that chewing sugar-free gum actually causes you to crave more sugar instead of the opposite. Also, I know that having a scale makes it impossible to not weight yourself everyday, but there are so many different things that factor into your weight each day that the only way to really analyze a trend or true gain/loss is by only weighing yourself once a week. Mayby you could still weigh yourself each day if you need to, but only monitor the weekly weight check?

I used to be addicted to skinny cows too! So delicious. At some point we started moving away from processed foods to whole foods so now if we do anything sweet in the evenings, it's some sliced strawberries with some honey drizzled over them. So delicious and totally satisfies the sweet tooth.

Keep up the awesome work!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

This is SO true!! LOVE YOUR POST and remember you have to do what works for YOU! If its sugar free gum or weighing yourself go for it!!! Whatever works!

Thanks for linking up!!!


Marissa said...

I was in the best shape of my life before my wedding. You are right that it is good to have an event to motivate you! I'm sure you will be able to stick with your new healthy lifestyle, long after the wedding!

I put my wedding dress on every year around my anniversary, to make sure it still fits, if not I step it up in the gym. I walk around with it on, sit on the couch, ask my husband if he wants to take me to the ball since I'm all dressed up haha



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