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Monday, August 13, 2012

Let me warn you this is a wordy post with little photo action...  
HOWEVER, I just had to let it be known that I'm 99.9% sure that

I have found my wedding dress.

Did I order it yet?  Nope...
But am I absolutely in love with it?  YES!
And did I have the best day shopping with the loveliest ladies in my life?  No doubt about it :)
Here's some proof:

My mom, future MIL, and 2 sisters met up with me to spend the day bridal boutique-ing on Saturday.  We went to salon #1 and I found 3 dresses that I liked, but didn't "love" any one of them alone...  I liked this about this one and that about that one (sorry for vagueness, but Nick may or may not read this blog and I don't want to take any chances!), and was sure I'd convince myself that I loved one of them later if need be.  Needless to say, I didn't have my moment.

But thennnnnn we went to salon #2 and the first dress I tried on was exactly what I had imagined my dress would be.  It had this and that from the first few all in one gown and I was beaming from ear to ear :)  I took it off to try on others and just couldn't wait to get back into "mine."  I think that's what they call "finding the one," and I can only hope that all things in life were so easy haha!

Whilst finding the dress:
We also found my bridesmaid dresses.
And my mom found a MOB dress potential (haha, MOB).
And found little flower girl dresses I liked.

I didn't order anything yet (and more importantly my dress) because of my own antics.  I decided to wait to lose just a teeny bit more weight to order a size I'm more comfortable starting at / altering so we can get this show on the road!  Then I can get onto the fun parts - accessorizing with jewelry + shoe shopping :)

All + all it was a great weekend with my two favorite families.  I love the ever-living-daylights out of each of them and am such a grateful girl.

More fun + excitement to come later, I promise...
And will there be less wordy/non-photo posts you ask?  Deal.  
But for now, this is calling my name:

Let it be known for the record that I am not a lush and in fact wrote this last night at 9ish...  Promise.  It's more likely that at the present moment coffee is calling my name.  

psssst: do we not just LOVE my girl Sami's new blog design 
+ the girls' weekend update button?  Adorable.


Samantha said...

Yah yah! That's so exciting :)

Blythe Klippstein said...

I'M SOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I cannot wait to see the gorgeousness you've chosen!! xo

Amy said...

Stopping by from the link up! Congratulations! I loved wedding dress shopping! Let's be honest I loved the WHOLE wedding planning experience! When is the big day?! :) I'm your newest follower!

Would love to have you stop by sometime & say "hi"!


Christa Waldrop said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! Congrats on finding THE dress! Happy Monday!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yay for finding your dress! That's awesome!! You ladies all look gorgeous! Thanks for linking up.

Here's to a great week ahead :)

Niki said...

I'm so happy you found your dress! That's so perfect that it was exactly how you had imagined it! And to find the bridesmaids dresses at the same time! It sounds like the weekend worked out pretty well for you!

Laura {RealHomeLiving} said...

So exciting!!! I am dying to see how gorgeous you look in your dress! (although I know you prob won't be showing it until the wedding day, but I'm still excited to see it!!)

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

Yay So happy you think you found your dress!! :)

Sami said...

OMG yay for finding the dress! That is so exciting! Also, now that I've seen that picture of wine I want some.. it's 3:49 aka 5:00 somewhere ;) Thanks for the shoutout dear! I am loving my new design too.. I stare at it way more often than I'd like to admit :) Thanks for linking up!!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a super productive weekend! How fun that you found the one! So...much...fun! Popping over from Weekend Update.

Christina said...

Congrats on finding the dress! I love that you took all your ladies with you. That's so fun!

Stopping by (a little late) from the linkup! :)
Christina at Easily Entertained

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