Monday, October 22, 2012

So it has been a great week/weekend/month...  and I know it's only going to get better!!

Aside from the fact that it's my BIRTHWEEK (birthday this Friday, 10/26!!!!), there has been a lot going on 'round here:

--We had a birthday AND a giveaway in the house ((winner announced at the end of the post hee hee, suspenseful, right?))
--We had some up close & personal Zac Brown Band lovin'
--My Life, Laughs, & Love is testing the waters with a new venture
--and it was Homecoming week at the high school

So how did we wrap the week up?
Clockwise from top:
.......I threw some navy/green/silver polish on for Fridays' finale - spirit wear day

.......I also threw on an awkward neon green wig and lots of navy + green for some smiles (wimped out and ended up taking off the wig... I gave it to one of my seniors instead!)

.......We spent Friday night at a quaint + cozy restaurant The Log Cabin for de-fricken-liciou steak + seafood for our birthdays.  Oh my gosh it was mouth-watering/finger-licking good (photo credit here)

.......We got our confirmation that our save-the-dates are ordered and should be shipped this week!

Clockwise from top 
.......Finally found Bethenny's other Skinny Girl products and decided to give 'em a go (they're delicious, but I'll probably stick to a glass of merlot or sav blanc if I ever have a drink)

.......Arranged a girls weekend in Philly coming up soon (this is huge - we're pulling people from all over the country - even HAWAII!).  Naturally I went shopping right after and started to stock up on adorable wintry clothing

.......After the homecoming dance we went to grab Snow White and the Huntsman at a Redbox (remember, free code DVDONME!!) - but you might be asking why my hand is in the picture?  When it says "your rentals are on their way" and it digitally slides out while the DVD spits out I like to swipe my hand across like I'm doing magic.  (nerd alert.)

.......Fi pants + I got all decked out (sorta?) to chaperone the homecoming dance.  He missed Penn State football for the dance and for that I am grateful (ps - for all you PSU haters and/or lovers - Have you seen our record!?  Have you seen our boys playing!?  I'm so darn impressed//proud!  AHHH wish we were able to go up this weekend to watch them whip up on the buckeyes!!!  It's pure love we'll be missing it for a friends' wedding hee hee)

So there you have it.  Our wonderful favoritest month of October rocking it out more and more as it goes on.  :)

So for your patience, I am proud to announce that: 

Sara (with her lovely b-day wishes to N!) is the winner of the navy bubble necklace from Brighthouse Baubles!!

Congratulations, lady - I'll be putting you into contact with BHB very very soon!!

Have a fabulous Monday (if that's even possible...), and be sure to stop by the link up with the weekend update to see others' weekends, too!


Katie said...

happy birthday week!! I hope you have a great start to the week! love all your dress up/spirit days too last week - you're the best teacher!!

Sarah Burton said...

Yay so excited! Hope this birthday week is the best!

Sarah Grace said...

such a fun weekend!!! :) it looks like you had a blast! and so exciting about your save the dates! i hope they get to your mailbox quickly!

Helene said...

Hi! Found you though the Weekend wrap up hop and love your blog! New Follower!! Can't wait for more!
Helene in Between

Amy Powell said...

happy birthday :) that's my husband's birthday too... so we'll all be celebrating this weekend!

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Happy Birthday! Love celebrating a birthday week :) Looks like you got off to a good start!

The Pink Growl said...

Happy Birthday week!!!

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