Saturday, October 20, 2012

I love me some spirit week.
The awkward outfits, the sense of community, the laughs - it's all golden.
I don't know if it's "cool" that I participate, or totally lame, but nonetheless I do it.
The kids seem to crack up & fortunately my colleagues play along as well, making it worth all our whiles!

Monday - "Back in the Day"
...my 90's interpretation 
Think jean-on-jean, scrunchies, metal clippies, and a tshirt tied around the waist
it screams "Clarissa Explains it All," no?

Tuesday - "Tacky Sweater Day"
got this beaut at a local consignment shop and felt a little guilty about thinking it was tacky... the sales girl said how much she "loved it" and how "beautiful" she thought it was
....your thoughts?

At least my mom & Laura agreed with me ;)

Wednesday - "Western Day"
...It's kinda sad that although I'm not a "country" girl I can whip this baby up easy as 1-2-3 without having to purchase anything.  I was asked by a fellow teacher if I had lost a bet when he passed me in the hall.  That made me feel like a million bucks, that's for sure :-\ 

Thursday - "Alter Ego Day"
huge football fan in my spare time.
steelers.  penn state.  
yes yes yes yes yes 

Friday - "Spirit Wear Day" 
It's amazing how many surprising//shocked//unsuspecting looks I got on my way to work for this one...  What's the big deal, anyway?  I thought it was great that I paired these hues together and could honestly be the next "it" fashion blogger.  #jokes  In all honesty by this point in the week, I figured go big, or go home.  (aaaaand chickened out and took off the wig. eh, win some, lose some) 

so there you have it, embarrassment & laughs on me for the week!

Hope your week was full of fun & spirit, too!!
I'm off to chaperone some homecoming - boogie -dancing
...no nutzo outfit for this one
((but I might see quite the get up or two tonight if I'm "lucky"))
have a great rest of your weekend :)

pssssssst: may I remind you there's not much time left to enter the BHB giveaway!?




Alyson McMahon said...

Oh.my.gosh. This is hysterical! So fun that you dressed up every day! And yes, your sweater is totally tacky. Love it!

Ashley said...

From a fellow teacher! I freakin' LOVE IT!!!! I think it is awesome that you participate with the kids!! Looks like you really enjoyed it!!!


Laura said...

Haha I love it! You are so creative, and I'm sure your students love how into spirit week you get

Sarah said...

You nailed tacky sweater day! I laughed when I saw it!

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