Lifestyle Makeover: Don't "do" so you don't have to "UNdo"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welp, it's time to get real.
A lifestyle makeover can be painful, challenging, and discouraging,
but it can also be life-changing and in some instances life-saving.

My inspiration came last year (April 17th, 2012) when I decided to get down to business for the sake of my health, well-being, and looks with my upcoming wedding (YES of course there was a little vanity as motivation as well!)

I lost 40 lbs. as of August, 2012 and was down to 159lbs.
It felt great and I was motivated to continue.

The thing is, I didn't continue.  I ordered my wedding gown and put my makeover on pause...  a little eat/live healthy hiatus if-you-will.

Then it happened...  I had lost 40 lbs. and gained nearly 20 of it back.


I don't know how or why or when it happened, but it did.

I was pissed.  How did I let it happen again after all the encouragement, motivation, and support I received from friends & family (and even, YOU all)?!  

So I did what any normal person would do...  I binged over the holidays (and boy did I indulge), then I got it going again.  I was embarrassed to admit my defeat and have been using photo edits to blub out the actual values of my weight, but I'm okay sharing now...

I still am not finished (and I mean it this time!), but here's what's been going on since January 2, 2013:


I even have made it back into a gym once or twice.  

I guess the point of this post is, don't give up like I did...  It's a lot harder to undo mistakes that are so easily made.  Sure glasses of wine, cups of FroYo, and bowls of pasta sound good at the time, but if you're anything like I am, I see immediate consequences as a result.  I'll never be the girl who can eat whatever she wants and get away with it, but I will be the girl who takes care of herself.  And although indulging on occasion is sometimes necessary/warranted, it cannot be a permanent fix.

My motivation for now remains my July wedding & honeymoon...

...but after that I'll have to do it for myself.

When I get there, I hope that's a decision I can live with and maintain
Especially since I'm a much happier me when I feel good about myself :)

using Miss Shanna's link-up today because it's the bomb diggity.  


Teresa Davis said...

Congrats on getting back on the bandwagon. Last year I lost 35 lbs and managed that the week before my June wedding! I have for the most part maintained but have gained a few lbs back. I would like to lose 15 more but it's a struggle to get back in the groove. I'm on a mission to do just that though. Good luck to you and just keep reminding yourself that YOU are worth the hard work!

Katie said...

you are doing awesome!!!! I'm also not one of those girls that can eat whatever that want either! sometimes that does not seem fair! BUT I do enjoy knowing that I am healthy and taking care of myself!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I lost weight last year and gained most of it back. I'm not one who can eat whatever and be inactive. I should know better.

I'm back on the exercise horse now and being more cognizant of what I eat.

Great post.

Laura said...

Christina you are amazing! you have almost undone your fall weight gain. And January isn't even over yet!! You are so right - you have to do it for you. And really there's nothing that compares to feeling healthy and your body just feeling good. That's been my motivation recently. I feel better when I eat nutritious things. I feel better when I am active. The hardest part is starting it up again after a lull, but you did that! You are so inspiring girl! Keep it up!

smk053078 said...

Yahooooooo! Girl, you killed it this month!!! I am so proud of you! It's crazy what you can do when you put your mind to it!!! Keep it up!! You are an inspiration to so many!!! And thanks for linking up, doll face!

Shay said...

You are so inspirational- awesome job jumping back on the bandwagon! We have been eating clean and exercising in an attempt to get ourselves under control as well!

Mallory @ Mal's Miles said...

You are doing AWESOME! Gaining weight after losing is the WORST. You feel like a failure and there's no one to blame but yourself and your love of cookies, stretchy pants, and Netflix. I have been there and am making my way back down too! My goal is to lose 5lbs in February. I'm thinking about making it a link up this month so we can all kiss the pounds goodbye together! Good luck! Keep it up!

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